Sunday, November 23, 2008

My 'rambling note' for my impromptu diary session. Don't ask me what session is that. I just came up with it.

  • Ashlee Simpson popped a baby boy and decided to name it Bronx Mowgli. Ok, I know that Mowgli is famous for living in a jungle but HEL-LO~ you don't have to name your baby that. So not hot. And Disney is sooo not giving the baby a lifetime sponsorship for having such name. My god, u stars.
  • Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are not exclusive anymore. Thanks to the so-called BFF Big-Mouth-Vanessa for spilling it out to Life&Style. I don't like her still.
  • McKey won ANTM cycle 11! I heart her red hair!!
  • Nat told me that Yoga is now haram for muslim? I still don't get it. It's just a freaking bendy movement for health. Nothing involves worshiping or uttering certain words that would create certain things. Ok, I should stop now. Nanti kena tangkap. Yikes!
  • This trimester is uberly bored. I need to fill up my room with flamboyant stuff +puts on an excited plastic face+
  • And don't forget to give Christina Aguilera's stylist a note saying "You have created a MONSTER"
  • Owh, last but not least. I need a mocha frap. Anyone?

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