Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Crazier The Better

Can Dubai gets any hotter than this. The King of Zebra Prints, Mr Roberto Cavalli has opened a new club at Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zaved Road, one of the city’s most elegant streets. What can you expect from this two-story club?

To start off, let me give you the crazy architecture bits. The floors are done in shiny black quartz with reflective crystal dust. And it gets even crazier with the walls. The tall walls will be full with Swarovski crystals, creating a sparkling chic curtain. Want to shop till late at night with a whole new experience? The ground floor will showcase collections of jeweleries, watches and exclusive accessories from the Cavalli Maison.

And never expect less from the food section. There will be a selection of refined food products chosen by Roberto Cavalli to express the best of 'Made in Italy'. Atolls in gold-colored glass and fur suspended from the floor which host a sushi bar and a wine bar. There will also be an Italian restaurant, Cavalli-signed chocolates, and Roberto Cavalli Vodka.

To all booty shakers and crazy spenders
Roberto Cavalli is calling out for you

Dire addio a Hugh Hefner,
and say hello to Roberto Cavalli

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