Friday, May 29, 2009


People, I'm off to KL tomorrow for my internship!
I might not be able to update this blog for a while (4months to be exact).
I'll try my luck on stealing my dad's broadband though
*cross fingers*

Have fun people
And don't forget to breathe!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Far-Izza Fabulousity

Ok. I know that the title is uberly lame but what the heck.
I love the fact that her name is in mine ;)

I rarely post up awards but yes,
I'm going to do it this time around.
Thank you Izza Pinkerton!

1) Copy award di atas untuk di letakkan di blog anda.

2) Nyatakan 5 fakta menarik tentang si pemberi award ini.
  1. She's a cheerleader. And I love gymnast! Two different but same thing.
  2. She loves Britney and Lei and Audrey! ♥♥♥
  3. She has great long hair.
  4. She's in MMU Malacca and going to Cyberjaya next sem (Babe, do bring lotsa sunblock tau! Panas gila swine kat sana.)
  5. She sounds fun. Her blog says it!

3) Setiap blogger mestilah menyatakan 10 fakta atau hobi sendiri.
  1. I love shopping.
  2. I love my shoes.
  3. I love going to the salon.
  4. I love talking nonsense with Cicak.
  5. I love it when Fa and I are having our OTT moment.
  6. I love dresses!
  7. I love reading (Yes people, sila percaya).
  8. I love dressing up.
  9. I love hot people.
  10. I love you! (Ceh~ dah takde point sebenarnya nak tulis apa).

4) Anda perlu memilih 10 Penerima Award seterusnya & describe tentang mereka.

To all who read this blog, you deserve to have this award. Cheers!

Oh Jimmy

Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy...

Looking at this makes me love you even more

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Got A Problem?

Gossip Girl season 2 has ended. Can't wait for season 3.
Georgy and Blair are going to have so much fun decorating their room together next season!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Melayu Celup

People always think that I'm chinese.

Because I'm fair?
Very streotype of you!

Even that kakak from Kedai Kak Shikin thinks I'm chinese even though I speak malay with no accent with her.

I can hardly recall when I was not mistaken as one.
1st day at school? Yes
1st day at gymnast class? Yes
1st day at squash training session? Yes
National Service? Yes
1st day at uni? Yes
Everytime I fill up the gas? Yes
Every salesperson in this world? Yes


Only one person thinks that I'm Caucasian.

Fa's Sis's BF!
*tepuk tepuk tepuk*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dear Andy,

I want her hair. Please...

Monday, May 11, 2009


Sara was asking my mom,
"1 buku kek apa dalam English?"

"One whole cake?"

"Tapi ini kerja darjah satu, I don't think that is the answer"

"Then it should be one cake la"

"Tapi dia suruh fill in the blank"

In the end, Sara's question was left unanswered.
Biasa la tu...haha!

Taylor Momsem's band, Pretty Recklass has released a song called "I Really Fucking Love You". I really fucking love it! You can download the song at BB's blog.

With Deep Condolences

Al-Fatihah buat adik kepada Zulhelmi (Mong)
Semoga dicucuri rahmat dari-Nya

Get well soon Mong!
Will be visiting you at the hospital this week

Traffic Light Popsicle!

Traffic Light "popsicle" Prototype!
*Selaku ketua bahagian Art&Humanities. Saya sangat bangga ok.Kalah budak FYP punya.Nangis terharu jap T_T *

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:
There should be a lamp post at each corner of the junction.
But "SOMEONE" left them at home.
*Penat tau buat lamp post tu mengikut citarasa budak gemok Sowphee! Tinggal pulak... (-_-") *

Now that all of my assignments are over. I can study for my final exam whole heartedly.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Campus Look: Chapter 2

1950s Alert!
"The Full Circle Skirt"

Diab’less Marina Circle Skirt in Black $135 at Bluefly

I simply love Vicky B's full circle skirt.
It sooo screams
"I'm innocent!"
Which we rarely are.Haha!

I Topshop.
So let me introduce to you,
two wonderful tank top dresses from Topshop
which have the element of full circle skirts.

tank top dresses
Shoes: H&M flats (left), LAMB heels (right)

Comel kan???

Fariza sangat berbangga dengan prototype traffic light nya. Kalah hotwheels! Tapi prototype jela...overall project tak tau lagi. Doakan!

Tag! II

Ok people, I just found out that I've been tagged by Miss Beep.
But the thing is, I found it out through Google.

Yana! Your site is pretty damn famous dowh~
1st page on google search!
And babe, that is how I know that I've been tagged by you!
Back in 2008 that is.

Tagged by Lyana.


  • First Name – Fariza
  • Nickname – Fiza, Angelfish, Zaza, Zazu, Zsazsa, Fafa, Za, Ayam, IceIceBaby(BB), Poodle, etc... (this is what happen when you love giving people names)
  • Name you wish you had – Lola. (gle bimbo.haha~)
  • What do people normally mistake your name as – Farizah
  • Birthday - March 22
  • Birthplace – Kuantan, Phg
  • Time of Birth – 5-ish PM
  • Single or taken – Single (cecece~ hint2)
  • Zodiac sign - Aries


  • How tall are you – 5”3 (yes BB, to be exact 5"3.5)
  • Wish you were taller – YES
  • Eye color – Dark brown
  • Eye color you want – Sexy Green
  • Natural Hair color – Dark Brown
  • Current Hair color - Light Brown
  • Short or long hair – Long
  • Ever dye your hair a bizarre color – Not YET
  • Curly,Straight,Wavy – Wavy
  • Last time you did something dramatic with your hair – Permed? Boy-cut? Bangs? I've did it all baby.Haha~!
  • Glasses or contacts – Contacts
  • Do you wear make-up – Yes
  • Ever had hair extensions - Nope. Maybe one day.
  • Paint your nails – Yes, but not now.


  • What color eyes – Anything sexy
  • What color hair – Brown
  • Shy or Outgoing – Outgoing!
  • Looks or personality – A bit of both?
  • Sexy or Cute – Sexy
  • Serious or Fun – Fun
  • Older or Younger than you – Older
  • A turn on – Sexy hair, tall, adventurous, funny, sexy english accent without those gedik BM accent
  • A turn off – Short, chest hair, shy.


  • Flowers or Chocolate – Chocolate. Preferable dark please.
  • Pepsi or Coke – Pepsi
  • Rap or Rock – Rock
  • Relationship or One night stand - Hmm...can I get back to this later? LOL
  • School or Work – None.
  • Love or Money – Money? Haha~!
  • Movies or Music – Music
  • Country or City – City
  • Sunny or Rainy days – Sunny. But not goddamn hot like now.
  • Friends or Family – Both


  • Lied – Always
  • Stole something – Yes
  • Smoked – Yes
  • Hurt someone close to you – Yes
  • Broke someones heart – Maybe?
  • Had you heart broken – Yes, everytime I'm back from lala land to reality.
  • Wondered what was wrong with you – All the times.LOL
  • Wish you were a prince/princess – Always.
  • Liked someone who was taken – Johnny Depp~ Ryan Reynolds~
  • Shaved your head – Nope. But I wish that I'm hot enough for it ;)
  • Been in love - ALL THE TIME
  • Used chopsticks – Yes
  • Sang in the mirror to yourself – Haha. Yes
  • Ever cried over someone – Fuck I hate this. Yes.
  • Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself – A lot. Implants, plastic surgery, tall and smaller bone structure, etc (talk about being content).
  • Do you think you’re attractive – Haha. Am I attracted to myself?No. Are people attracted to me? Idk.
  • If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose – Alice In Wonderland!
  • Do you play any sports – Shopping


  • Flower – Lavender, daisy, lily
  • Candy – Not a candy person. Bring on gummie bears!
  • Song – Britney's
  • Scent – Sexy sophisticated scent.
  • Color – Generally, pink. Attire, black. Sometimes, gold.
  • Movie – Please refer to any of my social network page. (pemalas kau Fariza)
  • Singer – Britney Spears
  • Word - Fabulousity
  • Junk food - Baskin Robbins, Ferrero Rocher, Alpes, Cadbury, Kit Kat, M&M's, Cottage Fries, Chacos, Green Peas snacks, etc... (this is why I'm hot! -Mims anthem)
  • Website – Can this blog be considered as my website? Lol.Lame.I know.
  • Lotion – Vaseline
  • Animal – Not much of an animal lover. But cats and rabbits are cute.


  • Link to your tagger and post these rules.
  • List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

My 8 random facts

I love Britney
I love Megan Fox
I hate roaches or any insects
I love BB
I love to dance? OK...laugh all you can.
I love coffee. Starbucks to be precise. Esspresso Frappucino.
I love tall guys.
I love spending money.

8 people I’m tagging:
Ala...malas la nak tag org. Sape nak buat buat jela. Lol
But I would love to see BB, Fa, Izza and Zulhilmi M do this ;D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You Go Girl!

After watching Gossip Girl Ep.23,
I must say that my favorite quote of the day would be...

"Well you can tell Jesus that the bitch is back"


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Diskriminasi dan Obsesi

Ok.Sha sudah bising sebab ada gambar Tomok dalam blog ini.
Maybe dia dulu ada affair dgn Tomok kot...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tomok Sudah Besar

Ok. I know that this is so over now. But WHAT THE HECK?!?!
Shah Indrawan aka Tomok is now a millionaire???
*ok, masih tidak selepas tolak tax dan lain2*

I've watched him singing Crazy In Love and Umbrella on Youtube.
Performance wise...ok lah.
But a bit off on the pronunciation.
Gotta give this fella some credit for ditching his duck-voice.

Sejarah Mungkin Berulang era?
Don't think so

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Always Wanted To

I was looking at a list of books online so that I could get them at the bookstore when I'm free.
And suddenly, the love I have for pink makes me look at this book twice

I have always wanted to play the violin.
But instead, I got the piano.

My mom said that a piano is sexier than a violin.
But I don't think so.

Look at this 5 string electric violin!!!
And don't you dare tell me that these are not sexier than a friggin' piano.
Damn. I could have been the next Vanessa-Mae!
You can blame my mom for missing a star.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Operation Red-Bull-Iced-Coffee

I'm on a new mission

It is called


So here goes the details...

I am going to consume only Red Bull or iced coffee for a week.
Let see if I can get a few pounds off the scale.

Kalau berjaya akan diumumkan kepada khalayak ramai.

*buat muka berlagak sambil letupkan my Ray Ban ala Tom Cruise in MI tanda ending note*