Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inspirational Quote.

Words that get me through the weekdays.
Spot it if u can!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I've known for my craze for shoes.
Especially heels!

And I looooooooove this blogshop (Mezzanine) since I can remember.

Just look at that! Jimmy Choo's inspired!

I'm not a fan of mesh heels as I think it's vulgar. LOL
But this design is so subtle and just look at that! You can never notice the mesh until I said so right?

Finally! A new post. Woot!

Two big things happen this week.
Well make it three as the fact that I'm updating my blog is considered a big thing for me.

Dexter Isaac has confessed to AllHipHop.com for shooting Tupac (R.I.P) in 1994. He claimed that he shot and robbed Tupac after receiving orders and $2000 cash (of course!) from Jimmy Henchman.
He is now serving a lifetime sentence.

And Crystal Harris called off the wedding and leaving Hugh Hefner with a wedding dress by Romona Keveza, a strawberry cake, lavish meals and 300 Swarovski crystal encrusted invitations. To all approximately $300000 ?

Crystal is accused of having an affair with Jordan McGraw (son of Phil McGraw).
With a body like her's, why settled for an 85 years old man who can't drink like this Jordan? Right? Just a thought though.

Btw, did she returned the 6-carat ring???