Friday, November 28, 2008

and so you think...

"...It's OK to revel in your newfound freedom. Mistakes will be made, which is acceptable as long the repercussions do not negatively affect others. Your freedom is no longer "just another word for nothing left to lose," as Janis Joplin once sang. You may not personally lose anything, but someone else will inevitably be set back in your destructive path. Rather than allowing egocentrism to rule your life, realize that the world does not, in fact, revolve around you. Your actions have consequences other people must deal with, and other people matter just as much as you do."
-Sarah Zeeck-
I came across an article and loving this part.

It is not always about you. It is not always about me. Well, even though I think that it should always be about me :)
*slap oneself and back to reality*

Britney @ Bambi Award 2008

Never knew about the existence of this event, but what the hell
as long as Britney is there.
I'm all ears27th November 2008 at Oberrheinhalle Offenburg, Germany.
Artists, athletes and media prints were rewarded for their achievement over the year.

The German born designer, Karl Lagerfeld, has the honor to present the 'Pop International' award won by Miss Spears that night.

Meg Ryan was also there, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Clip 1: Karl Lagerfeld presenting the award to Brit (look at her cute butt cheeks! lol)

Clip 2: 'Womanizer' live performances by Britney


p/s: Happy 12th Birthday Yusuf!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My 'rambling note' for my impromptu diary session. Don't ask me what session is that. I just came up with it.

  • Ashlee Simpson popped a baby boy and decided to name it Bronx Mowgli. Ok, I know that Mowgli is famous for living in a jungle but HEL-LO~ you don't have to name your baby that. So not hot. And Disney is sooo not giving the baby a lifetime sponsorship for having such name. My god, u stars.
  • Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are not exclusive anymore. Thanks to the so-called BFF Big-Mouth-Vanessa for spilling it out to Life&Style. I don't like her still.
  • McKey won ANTM cycle 11! I heart her red hair!!
  • Nat told me that Yoga is now haram for muslim? I still don't get it. It's just a freaking bendy movement for health. Nothing involves worshiping or uttering certain words that would create certain things. Ok, I should stop now. Nanti kena tangkap. Yikes!
  • This trimester is uberly bored. I need to fill up my room with flamboyant stuff +puts on an excited plastic face+
  • And don't forget to give Christina Aguilera's stylist a note saying "You have created a MONSTER"
  • Owh, last but not least. I need a mocha frap. Anyone?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008

All you lingerie wearer and lingerie viewer out there.
Here is a sneak peek of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2008,
held at Fontainebleau Miami Beach on Nov 15th
featuring the Victoria's Secret Angels and musical guest Usher.
CBS will be airing the whole sexy glamour thing on Dec 3rd
I guess we Malaysian can settle with YouTube on Dec 4th
And be prepared for the 5mill dollar bra!!!

Here are some of the models with their wings and nothing muchHeidi Klum

Adriana Lima

Selita Ebanks

Alessandra Ambrioso

Doutzen Kroes

Preview of the runway:

The 411 on the 5mill dollar bra:

Can't wait!

p/s: And don't forget that on Dec 2nd, Brit's new album "Circus" will be out for grabs!

The Crazier The Better

Can Dubai gets any hotter than this. The King of Zebra Prints, Mr Roberto Cavalli has opened a new club at Fairmont Hotel on Sheikh Zaved Road, one of the city’s most elegant streets. What can you expect from this two-story club?

To start off, let me give you the crazy architecture bits. The floors are done in shiny black quartz with reflective crystal dust. And it gets even crazier with the walls. The tall walls will be full with Swarovski crystals, creating a sparkling chic curtain. Want to shop till late at night with a whole new experience? The ground floor will showcase collections of jeweleries, watches and exclusive accessories from the Cavalli Maison.

And never expect less from the food section. There will be a selection of refined food products chosen by Roberto Cavalli to express the best of 'Made in Italy'. Atolls in gold-colored glass and fur suspended from the floor which host a sushi bar and a wine bar. There will also be an Italian restaurant, Cavalli-signed chocolates, and Roberto Cavalli Vodka.

To all booty shakers and crazy spenders
Roberto Cavalli is calling out for you

Dire addio a Hugh Hefner,
and say hello to Roberto Cavalli

Saturday, November 15, 2008

cantik sangat ke kau...

Recently, a private jet has landed at KL bringing a newly wed couple back from their honeymoon trip from I don't where.
A Bently was there, Sazzy (hot hot hot) was there, and a pair of cute+lame "JUST MARRIED" tees were there.

Nat was telling me not to be Bitter Betty and stop being a PMS-ing bitch
which I am sooo not.
But, like what Soffihani would always say
"Cantik sangat ke kau???"
would be an appropriate thing to say to Bunga for stealing my Ashraf.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

fo'shizzle the izzle

"You are the shizzle"

When someone said this to me, I was wondering what the hell does it mean. I know the 'sizzle me shizzle' sentence, but I could careless what it is all about until someone shove it to my face with such remark.

Google to the rescue!!!
So here is the definition that I got from

Sure - 'Fo Shizzle' = For Sure, definitely.
Shit - 'That's The Shizzle' = That is good.

So I guess 'you are the shizzle' means 'you are the shit'?

or let me put it in a more appropriate manner, 'you are D bomb'.
Emphasize on the 'd' please. LOL

Learning that you can just add the suffix '-izz' to any word. I wanna give it a try and do my 1st hip hop sentence.

I'm gonna steezy hard this semizzster.Fo shizzle!
Even when the exizzem is like the shizzle.
And what the fizzuck I'm talking about???

Fine. I give up. You hip-hoppers are on your own. Looking at my sentence above, I am now more convince that I was not born to be a hip-hopper. Thank god for that.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sticky & Sweet


Miss Sticky

Miss Sweetcombine...

they'll give us the ultimate


There you go, a huge kaboom was reported last two night at the Dodger Stadium,LA when 2 queens perform on a single stage singing one song "Human Nature"


and last-season-JT was also there

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

RePost: Fariza on the Map.

I totally forgot about this! This is one of my post in my previous blog.
I'm digging more info on this place.
Located in Castilla y Leon, Spain.
Not much of a city, but Fariza Aziz sounds like Paris Hilton to me.
Minus the Aziz Hotel, which will sound sooo gay.

Sha and Rasyid,
be jealous, be very jealous

Band It Like A Queen

When I was small, my mom used to tie my hair with ribbons. Yes, you can say that I have all sorts of ribbons in all sorts of colors.

So I've develop the liking of headbands and ribbons since I was small. But my head is kinda huge (Yup, all 9 of us were born with a very impressive size of brain -_-). Huge head with hard plastic alice-band? If you ask me, it will always gives me the headache and plus the fact that those hard plastic band can definitely ruin your hair. Trust me. I know.

As a very stubborn girl, I won't give up on my alice-band just because of that. I've widen my option and choose to wear scarfs and stretchy bands instead! It solves my headache and hair problems and it looks oh-so-chic! You can check out my wardrobe to see my scarf and ribbon's collection if you want to.

And recently, Blair Warldorf (Leighton Meester) had shown some cool head gear that I would love to have and as a fan of glitters and shiny stuff, I'm sooo putting this in my shopping list.


Blair's Swarovski Silver Headband
(As seen on Season 1 of Gossip Girl)

Madonna's Black Swarovski Velvet Headband

Eva's Swarovski Crystal Red Headband
(As seen on the Season Finale of Desperate Housewives)

Rosy Applique

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Britney Spears "Circus"


Miss B's Circus Cover and Track List

  1. Womanizer
  2. Circus
  3. Out From Under
  4. Kill The Lights
  5. Shattered Glass
  6. If U Seek Amy
  7. Unusual You
  8. Blur
  9. Mmm Papi
  10. Mannequin
  11. Lace and Leather
  12. My Baby
Bonus Track:
13. Radar

Zomba Label Group has revealed that Circus' title track will be the next single released

I sooo can't wait for Dec 2!!!

Guilty Pleasure: My New BFF

While Nat is busy scaring herself with crawly Samara on Halloween night,
I indulge myself with some guilty pleasure which is
Paris Hilton's My New BFF
Yes guys, disgust me for that
I just love the drama in fake reality shows
(but not to "The Hills" please. Muntah darah~ tgk Speedo Speidi -,- )

From left: Brittany, Kiki, Shelley, Kayley, Baje, Michelle, Vanessa, Sinsu, Lauren, Zui, Bryan, Onch, Natasha, Corrie
Eliminated earlier: Athena, Erin, Francisca, Trisha.

Winners/Paris's Pet/Elimination by episode:

Ep 1: Welcome to the Dollhouse :
make-over challenge: Vanessa
TTYN Michelle!

Ep 2: 24 hour Party Challenge :
party challenge: Onch
toast to Paris: Corrie
TTYN Baje!

Ep 3: Sayonara! :
rollercoaster pose: Lauren
Sayonara Bryan & Sinsu!

Ep 4: Who's the Fakest :
Paris's ad: Corrie & Brittany
least fake: Shelley
Onch (Paris don't have the heart to say TTYN to him)

Ep 5 : You Gotta Have Class :
I Heart Paris: Kiki
TTYN Zui (eliminated by Corrie)

7 minutes heaven: Shelley
TTYN Natasha

After watching the fifth episode, I am totally rooting for Brittany.
She is not that loud and I love her looks and I definitely love her because she didn't annoy the crap outta me.
And yes, Shelley is also sweet and nice and I'm pretty sure that Malaysian guys will totally dig her keayuan and cute-ness voice .
Owh, and I personally think that Lauren looks exactly like Lauren Conrad.
Maybe L.C. is trying to get higher ratings for The Hills?

Brittany Full Biography:
Brittany is the quick-witted, sarcastic lead singer of a Las Vegas-based rock band, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she loves being the center of attention and is on the hunt for fame. While Brittany loves to party and cause a ruckus out on the town, she maintains a fairly straight-edge lifestyle with limited drinking and no sex. She's a walking oxymoron, though, as she claims she's both sweet and a manipulative bitch.

While people competing with each other to woo Paris so that they can be Paris's BFF
I'm sure that I'm satisfied with mine.
+hugs Cic tightly+