Friday, November 28, 2008

Britney @ Bambi Award 2008

Never knew about the existence of this event, but what the hell
as long as Britney is there.
I'm all ears27th November 2008 at Oberrheinhalle Offenburg, Germany.
Artists, athletes and media prints were rewarded for their achievement over the year.

The German born designer, Karl Lagerfeld, has the honor to present the 'Pop International' award won by Miss Spears that night.

Meg Ryan was also there, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Clip 1: Karl Lagerfeld presenting the award to Brit (look at her cute butt cheeks! lol)

Clip 2: 'Womanizer' live performances by Britney


p/s: Happy 12th Birthday Yusuf!!!


aKidos said...

Britney again .... Cant believe there are ppl still fanatic over her !!

anyway how's life?

Zaza B. said...


Life's good