Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Band It Like A Queen

When I was small, my mom used to tie my hair with ribbons. Yes, you can say that I have all sorts of ribbons in all sorts of colors.

So I've develop the liking of headbands and ribbons since I was small. But my head is kinda huge (Yup, all 9 of us were born with a very impressive size of brain -_-). Huge head with hard plastic alice-band? If you ask me, it will always gives me the headache and plus the fact that those hard plastic band can definitely ruin your hair. Trust me. I know.

As a very stubborn girl, I won't give up on my alice-band just because of that. I've widen my option and choose to wear scarfs and stretchy bands instead! It solves my headache and hair problems and it looks oh-so-chic! You can check out my wardrobe to see my scarf and ribbon's collection if you want to.

And recently, Blair Warldorf (Leighton Meester) had shown some cool head gear that I would love to have and as a fan of glitters and shiny stuff, I'm sooo putting this in my shopping list.


Blair's Swarovski Silver Headband
(As seen on Season 1 of Gossip Girl)

Madonna's Black Swarovski Velvet Headband

Eva's Swarovski Crystal Red Headband
(As seen on the Season Finale of Desperate Housewives)

Rosy Applique

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