Saturday, November 15, 2008

cantik sangat ke kau...

Recently, a private jet has landed at KL bringing a newly wed couple back from their honeymoon trip from I don't where.
A Bently was there, Sazzy (hot hot hot) was there, and a pair of cute+lame "JUST MARRIED" tees were there.

Nat was telling me not to be Bitter Betty and stop being a PMS-ing bitch
which I am sooo not.
But, like what Soffihani would always say
"Cantik sangat ke kau???"
would be an appropriate thing to say to Bunga for stealing my Ashraf.


Blair Arden said...

Still a Bitter Betty.

At least she's NOT fugly. If in Malaysia, Ashraf nak kawin sape je?

Sazzy dah kawin T_T

And the rest of Malaysian celebrities tak hot.

Baik artist Indon. Pffft.

Ashraf tak hot sangat pon.


Zaza B. said...