Monday, October 27, 2008

So Much About Eggplants

After watching the very "IT" drama series, Gossip Girl.
(Yes, itu sahaja yang saya boleh buat dengan leher yang still berbalut -_-')
I've notice Serena's purple bag.
From far, it looks like my future Balenciaga Motorcycle Le Dix Bag.
( shop here)Above: eggplant purple Balenciaga Motorcycle Le Dix bag

Below: Nicky Hilton spotted with a Balenciaga Motorcycle Le Dix Bag

Below: LiLo with her Le Dix
But if you enlarge the 'Serena' picture...


It is actually a Bryna Nicole Loyola Satchel
( shop here)

If it is hip for gossip girl, then it is hip us too

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a wannabe who wants a Balenciaga Le Dix bag just because Hollywood stars such as LiLo, Nicole Richie and Mary Kate have it.
It is simply because the Italian distressed leather gets better with age, so you can use it everyday and will look great for years to come.
And yes, it also did not scream I AM A DESIGNER BAG.
So it is very suitable for a down-to-earth person like me

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have a sexy Halloween!

Halloween is coming. But here in Malaysia, we won't be seeing any cool and exciting halloween party. Still, can't let your imagination gets dry and bored all day.
Let us make ourselves a costume and do our own party!

While googling this and that, I found this

A RockFairy!!!
And I think it's Kendra over there who is rocking the costume with killer shoes.



Fishnet-leg Vampire!!!
But I think the Vampire guy costume should be vamped-out a bit.
Make it like Vampire Lestat in Queen of the Damned and you'll get the sexiest vampire ever

And for my Cicak, I've found something very special for her

A Playboy Bunny!!!
This costume suits her pornstar-me very well.LOL
But that picture of Paris is not flattering at all.She looks fat.
And Cicak should pose like thisand don't forget the tail! +toink!toink!+ I adore Playboy bunnies.
I sound so gay -_-'

Saturday, October 11, 2008

WOMANIZER Video Clip Premier

Boy don't try to front
I know just what you are
Boy don't try to front
I know just what you are

You say I'm crazy
I got your crazy
You're nothing but a

or if your connection is sucky (like mine). Here's a second option

I waited for the premier since 10am today and yes, by 11am
my eyes were captivated by the Miss Flawless-Sex-Bomb-Britney
(Queen B has a crush on the womanizer. Tee Hee~)
How can I not! There are so many hot Britney in that vid!

The sexy robe housewife? (check!)
The nerdie hottie secretary? (check!)
The vampy waitress? (check!)
The half naked chauffeur? (check!)
The fully naked Britney? (check!)

Though ABC 20/20 did some editing in the naked sauna scene (by adding some digitalized steam to cover her body), MTV is sure more provocative by showing the real stuff.
Come on...there's nothing explicit there. Unless you can see her boobs or something.
Check out Mr "Toxic"
He's back...(hint:photostat machine scene)
But he's not kissing Britney this time.

I wonder why do Britney choose 20th April on that womanizer's PDA?
That's for her to know and us to find out.

"For The Record" will be on MTV on the 30th and 2 days after that, "Circus" will be out for grabs!
Owh, and yes! Don't forget to smell her new fragrance "Hidden Fantasy" ;)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

12 Best Fragrances - by Queen B

Women and fragrances are meant to be together
So here I am, listing out 12 best women's fragrances in the world (according to me)
So if you are having any doubts on what should you get for her this year...
You might wanna check out this list
(Prices are monitored during purchases. Might not be accurate)

12) Guess Gold by Marciano EDP (75ml - RM190)
11) Armani Code for women EDP (75ml - RM130)

10) Cartier Delices EDP (50ml - RM200)
9) Britney Spears Believe EDP (50ml - RM170)
Estée Lauder Pleasure Exotic EDP (100ml - RM150)
7) Dior Miss Dior
Chérie EDP (50ml - RM150)
6) Escada S EDP (90ml - RM280)
5) Salvatore Ferragamo EDP (100ml - RM340)
4) Nina Ricci Nina EDT (50ml - RM225)
3) Chanel Coco MademoiselleEDP (50ml - RM300)
2) Chanel No.5 EDP (50ml - RM400)
1) Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue EDP (75ml - RM170)

Eyeing those Chanel

I've been adoring this genius invention by mankind for such such such
a LOOOOONG time.
Fine, I am not just adoring them.
I'm dying for 'em.
Baby, come to mama!

My favorite pair is the one in white with black "CHANEL" brand cachet as seen in the pictures above (left), worn by Miss (damn you...) Hilary Duff.

Chanel ballet flats are forever in style.
Especially now,
since flats are the new heels.
The price range for these cute creatures are about $500 each.
But you guys can try eBay. They might have promotions on these babies.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Eat my Eid

My Raya is officially not a Raya. Need reasons?

  1. I don't ask for forgiveness from my parents on Raya morning.
  2. I ate my Raya breakfast at 12 and there is NO LEMANG.
  3. The night before Raya, I was STUDYING.
  4. My Raya activity is limited to shopping, karaoke, Gossip Girl, Privileged and getting into troubles with the authority.
  5. I don't play with the firecracker or whatever 'mercun-mercun' that you guys have.

The part where I get into troubles is when I was driving my dad's car at 2am, and the police had roadblocks! And yes, I'm a "P" and I don't put the stickers on (my parents think that it is not cool to have P pasted on their car). Thank god the two policemen are pervs and was flirting with my sis and my cousin. Somehow, I think they were just finding reason to make me get out of the car so that the Malay policeman can flirt with my sis and my cousin and left me with the Indian policeman, making me feel like I wanna pee in my shorts. (tapi layan jela...since we just wanna get ourselves out of troubles)

I hope you guys have a better Raya than mine!
Coz if mine is better, I'll just have to say that...
You just had the worst Raya ever. LOL