Thursday, October 9, 2008

12 Best Fragrances - by Queen B

Women and fragrances are meant to be together
So here I am, listing out 12 best women's fragrances in the world (according to me)
So if you are having any doubts on what should you get for her this year...
You might wanna check out this list
(Prices are monitored during purchases. Might not be accurate)

12) Guess Gold by Marciano EDP (75ml - RM190)
11) Armani Code for women EDP (75ml - RM130)

10) Cartier Delices EDP (50ml - RM200)
9) Britney Spears Believe EDP (50ml - RM170)
Estée Lauder Pleasure Exotic EDP (100ml - RM150)
7) Dior Miss Dior
Chérie EDP (50ml - RM150)
6) Escada S EDP (90ml - RM280)
5) Salvatore Ferragamo EDP (100ml - RM340)
4) Nina Ricci Nina EDT (50ml - RM225)
3) Chanel Coco MademoiselleEDP (50ml - RM300)
2) Chanel No.5 EDP (50ml - RM400)
1) Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue EDP (75ml - RM170)

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