Saturday, October 11, 2008

WOMANIZER Video Clip Premier

Boy don't try to front
I know just what you are
Boy don't try to front
I know just what you are

You say I'm crazy
I got your crazy
You're nothing but a

or if your connection is sucky (like mine). Here's a second option

I waited for the premier since 10am today and yes, by 11am
my eyes were captivated by the Miss Flawless-Sex-Bomb-Britney
(Queen B has a crush on the womanizer. Tee Hee~)
How can I not! There are so many hot Britney in that vid!

The sexy robe housewife? (check!)
The nerdie hottie secretary? (check!)
The vampy waitress? (check!)
The half naked chauffeur? (check!)
The fully naked Britney? (check!)

Though ABC 20/20 did some editing in the naked sauna scene (by adding some digitalized steam to cover her body), MTV is sure more provocative by showing the real stuff.
Come on...there's nothing explicit there. Unless you can see her boobs or something.
Check out Mr "Toxic"
He's back...(hint:photostat machine scene)
But he's not kissing Britney this time.

I wonder why do Britney choose 20th April on that womanizer's PDA?
That's for her to know and us to find out.

"For The Record" will be on MTV on the 30th and 2 days after that, "Circus" will be out for grabs!
Owh, and yes! Don't forget to smell her new fragrance "Hidden Fantasy" ;)


aKidos said...

i dont think any guys would be interested to see britney naked now.

Adding the steam was a great idea .. i guess, this is to avoid the viewers from having headaches and vomit.

Zaza B. said...

Omg! You are so not normal!
Who didn't want to see a hot naked lady?!?!

bumdebump said...

because she aint that hot anymore :))

theroyalcrapster said...

i think...BRIT IS BACK!!!

aKidos said...

I think i seen her naked and thats not pretty !!! seriously that is not pretty ....

And I dont think anyone use sex appeal to sell of their songs as musicians .

Zaza B. said...

I don't support tabloid magazine and online rumors.

N yes,sex sells.Thats a facts ;)

Yes Miss RoyalCrapster.Brit is definitely back.YAY~!

Zaza B. said...

And yes bumdebump, we all know that Brit has been hitting the gym and got her old hot body back.