Friday, October 3, 2008

Eat my Eid

My Raya is officially not a Raya. Need reasons?

  1. I don't ask for forgiveness from my parents on Raya morning.
  2. I ate my Raya breakfast at 12 and there is NO LEMANG.
  3. The night before Raya, I was STUDYING.
  4. My Raya activity is limited to shopping, karaoke, Gossip Girl, Privileged and getting into troubles with the authority.
  5. I don't play with the firecracker or whatever 'mercun-mercun' that you guys have.

The part where I get into troubles is when I was driving my dad's car at 2am, and the police had roadblocks! And yes, I'm a "P" and I don't put the stickers on (my parents think that it is not cool to have P pasted on their car). Thank god the two policemen are pervs and was flirting with my sis and my cousin. Somehow, I think they were just finding reason to make me get out of the car so that the Malay policeman can flirt with my sis and my cousin and left me with the Indian policeman, making me feel like I wanna pee in my shorts. (tapi layan jela...since we just wanna get ourselves out of troubles)

I hope you guys have a better Raya than mine!
Coz if mine is better, I'll just have to say that...
You just had the worst Raya ever. LOL


Blair Arden said...

Ayam tipu! You menggatal dgn the cops jugak. Nak buat baik konon. Bleh!

+spanks your ass!+

Cousin you hot tak? *^_^*

Zaza B. said...

Omg! I am sooo not. I kena reject dgn abg police yang tak hot remember? +makes tak puas hati face+

aKidos said...

sounds like fun to me ... Besides, isnt that ur privilege ? Remember u cant seduce cops and get away from summons in 10 - 15 yrs time since muka kedut kedut d.

hurm my raya arent tat great either ... I woke up at 7pm and spent the rest of my day in my room only : ).

happy Eid fitr' for the nth time !

Zaza B. said...

Muharram.Theres always Botox

U woke up at 7pm?
I thought that you were doing makan2?

Well, I have pineapple tarts if you want.

Want some?

Lyana said...

I thought u can ngurat any guy on the surface of da earth?

Agak nyer Za x kenyit mata kot kat abg polis tuh. LOL!

Btw, Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir tp Batin xyah k. Hahaha...

And Good Luck for FINALS!!!

Zaza B. said...

Cannot la...

Tak cukup ASSet


Selamat Hari Raya and GOOD LUCK FINALS!

aKidos said...

tak cukup asset ? .... "imagining stuff"

Hidung berdarah ...