Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bath & Body Recipes

I was IM-ing with my high school friend, Fa and we were talking about hairstyles and stuff.
And suddenly, she came across this site

I mean, who knows that you can basically do ANYTHING with EVERYTHING
For me, the hair section has the most tempting recipes for you to try

Baking Soda + Warm Water = Shiny Hair! (cool right...)
Banana No Split Conditioner = Hair will smell good enough to eat (love the warning darl)

Do try 'em when you are free or bored or
just wanna find something to not to study (like me.lalala~)
Hey, who knows that you might have flawless skin, shiny bouncy hair and -ve BO?
I know you wanna click it now.
click click click

Friday, September 26, 2008

"Womanizer" premiers

Love...Womanizer is here!
Womanizer was originally set to get its official unveiling on September 22 but after a leaked version of the song was released, they decided to delay the date.
So yes, after all of the delays and stuff that make Natnat and I overly excited till NatNat pees in her panties (I just made that up coz that is soOo her.LOL) , we can now be at peace. +heaven+

Owh crap. Not yet. Coz now I can't wait for the album! Circus will be officially drop on B's birthday, December 2.


p/s: Natnat should get the Best Fan Award for being so patient all week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I hate someone. You hate someone. Everybody hates someone.
That's life. Deal with it.
You don't have to be all dramatic when someone that you like, is someone that other people hate.
Don't say that, "It's fasting month.You can't hate someone"
Technically, you can't hate anyone during any month.
Check you moral facts dude.
And yes,

so I am hormonally balanced.
Thank you

I don't fucking care if you like "someone" or love "someone". Just don't fucking care if I hate "someone". Kapish?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


So here's the thing,
I have 2 reports, 2 presentation slides, 1 project and 1 calculation assignment to be completed.
Someone gives me an Endurox please... +sigh+

But I'm taking a break here just to send my deepest and warmest condolence to my dear friend Fatin and her family for their lost. I'm praying that her dad will be blessed by god in this holy month.
Al-Fatihah...hazel-me-fatin (back in 2005)

And yes, I think all of you are well inform about a plane crash which killed 4 and left "DJ AM" Goldstein and Travis Baker(former Blink-182 drummer) seriously injured.

I am here to say that life is short. We just have to be thankful for what we have.

All my love,

Friday, September 19, 2008

Love and Lust

Love, lust and the occasional flings. People are just bound to have this overrated drama in their life. But to a certain extend, people are just being plain stupid and ridiculous.

I appreciate the love and lust around me. Honestly, I do. But when a guy falls for two girls and the girls are weeping their eyes out for him. Can someone gives me a bitch-slap for this?

Sickly devoted people do exist. They would do ANYTHING for their "significant other". Just how significant your "other" is?
I am not here to judge but what you give, you should get back. Not talking about material stuff. That is a whole diff issue. I'm talking about the love and attention that you give to someone. If that someone is just not as devoted as you are. Isn't that a signal for you to pack your stuff and leave?

Relationships might not be my forte but I have nothing against it. I love the love I have and I love seeing love in people. But please...PDA is very much not appreciated here. Especially when you are living in this sinless land called Malaysia. +choke myself to die for saying that+

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Spotted, S0wphee was given the I-Know-U-Tak-Puasa look by Makcik Jual Air Kelapa at Mosque Square this evening.

That Makcik tied the plastic bag halfway through and even put a straw for her! So how is S0wphee going to defend herself in this case? We just have to wait and listen for her squeals. LMAO

And here I am, feeling sorry for myself for not taking any pics of that incident.
I was busy laughing with Makh while S0wphee asks that Makcik to fully tie the plastic bag and guess what that Makcik said...

"La...Makcik ingat kamu nak minum terus tadi. Ish,budak 2 org tu bising plk"

You Know You Love Me

Zaza Aziz ;)

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

I have been waiting and waiting for this movie to come out and now it is here!

I hate their hair in this pic but hey, as long as the movie is good. I'll just ignore that part.
For those who haven't watched the 1st movie, here are some of the things that you need to know about them:

Bridget ( Blake Lively), Tibby (Amber Tamblyn), Lena (Alexis Bledel) and Carmen (America Ferrera) was born on the same year and on the same month. They've been together since that. One day before summer break, they bought a pair of jeans that can fit each and every one of them perfectly. They decided to share it among them and together they discover miracles with that pants.

A Scene from SOTTP2

The original cast and real life friends return to star in the movie directed by Sanaa Hamri and this movie is based upon the fourth novel of SOTTP, Forever in Blue. I myself haven't watched this movie YET, but from the review that I've read, Bridget is going to be on a trip to Turkey for an archaeological dig, Tibby deals with a potential baby-scare, Lena deals with Kostos's marriage (Kostos is Lena's supposed-to-be-BF in the first movie) and Carmen leaves to Vermont. Yup, that sounds interesting enough for me to watch it!

I love to see them as the young Carrie and Co. (Sex And The City). But minus the designers and those many many

Here is the Official Trailer for SOTTP2

Monday, September 15, 2008

Clear Clarification

After all those confusion whether we (Beta, batch 2006/2007) have to take Foreign Language subject or not has been clarify by one of the FET clerks manager.
Ms. Junaidah Abu to Me

Dear student, the compulsory foreign language subject is for batch 2007/2008 onwards. tq

With Best Regards,
Junaidah Bte Abu
Faculty of Engineering & Technology
Multimedia University
Tel: +606-252 3541
Fax: +606-231 6552

Take heart and do not despair. Have faith and you shall triumph. [3:139]

So yes, after having this "Yes and No" answers from the faculty. I have finally rest assured that this is their final answer :)

Weird Looking 'Mee Kari'

I'm skipping class. Again. Can't blame the queen if she don't have enough quality sleep +peace!+
And the fact that lectures are bored and assignments are way too many. That is a very reasonable reason for me to be skipping class. Kan?Kan?Kan? ;)

Yesterday night, "budak ini lagi CUN" aka Dayana Ilham, gave me this delicious food which is at first I assume that it is 'Mee Kari'. A weird one, because it has a fishy taste and has lots of extra ingredients such as raw veges and sambal! Halfway through my eating process, I decided to YM! her and compliment her weird curry noodles.

za~ aziz: budak.mee kari anda yang pelik ini sedap
za~ aziz: kasik kat yys confirm dpt A

za~ aziz: hahaha
budak ni lagi CUN: laksa johor laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
budak ni lagi CUN: ade ke mi karii

budak ni lagi CUN: ahahahahha

budak ni lagi CUN: haihh budak2 zmn skrg ni

za~ aziz: owh
za~ aziz: yeke
budak ni lagi CUN: ade ke laksa dye pngil mi kari
za~ aziz: patut la
za~ aziz: igt mee kari yang pelik
za~ aziz: lol
budak ni lagi CUN: wahahaha
budak ni lagi CUN: itik tau?

budak ni lagi CUN: itik tuh muke cm gajah
budak ni lagi CUN: frm tepi cm yys

Dayana was caught red-handed mengutuk lecturer.Jeng jeng jeng...

The story behind this "food giving ceremony" is that I teasingly told her to return my Lab Sheet to me with some food. And I specifically told her to bring me some pudding. So yes, that poor little (little kah Dayana itu?) girl prepared me this weird but delicious meal from Muar, Johor. But sadly it is not pudding. Thank god the food is yummy. Thanks "budak ini lagi CUN"!

After I mixed all the ingredients together.
It does look like mee kari kan kanak-kanak?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

She's in the game.AGAIN! - Vote NOW!

Ok, I just have to post this as soon as I received the news. Ms.B is listed for MTV Europe Music Award nominees! So do vote...NOW!!!
(click on the icon below to vote!Thank you)

Act Of 2008

Best Act Ever
Album Of The Year

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fashion Trendsetters

After I had finished and submitted my Digital Communication assignment, I've decided to indulge myself with some fashion facts

Do you know that...

Britney is the one who makes crop top IN during the 90'sMiss B in "You Drive Me Crazy" video clip
Clips of Britney back then:
  • Britney "All That" skit with Jamie Lynn Spears(2003): download
  • Britney Pop Idol skit(2002): download

Paris brings back those big shades to life
Paris is wearing Dior's oversize shades and Junkfood's tee

The Olsen twins make Gladiator sandals looks hot and they also set back the trend for plaid shirt

Top Right:
Ashley Olsen wore
Azzedine Alaia's patent gladiator sandal

Bottom Left:
Ashley wore a Chanel's gladiator sandals


Mary Kate with plaid buttondown shirt and a Fendi bag

LiLo rocks those leggings (and skinnies too!)LiLo in self design leggings

Kate Moss brings back the glory of fringeKate Moss in i-D magazine photoshoot (Nov 2007)

VB makes asymmetrical bob in trend
Victoria with her, what i guess is...Versace's shades?

I would love to be bold like them and set my own style. If I had the chance to make something looks hot. I would love to choose something that is related to shoes. Because shoes are a part of me ;* (sings Girlicious-Like Me)

p/s: But I do not recommend you guys to wear leggings with short tees as most of us do not have what it takes to bring those sexyback.Thank You.


VB's New Look

Wow! Looks like someone is going for a pixie-look now
My all time favourite Spice Girl will always looks awesome.

Birthday Boys

Jayden James turns 2 today
Sean Preston turns 3 on the 14th!
Both adorable kids were born in September.
Sean P was 1st pictured by People! Magazine
Britney announced that she's having one more baby during the Late Show with David Letterman.
Jayden James was born 2 days before Sean P's 1st birthday.
And both of them looks like Britney when she was small ~<3

Monday, September 8, 2008

2008 MTV VMA - It's Britney Bitch



Performed a number of times in previous VMAs,
MTV VMA 2008 presents...
Britney Spears

Though she didn’t perform this time, she still opened the show (with "Superbad" actor, Jonah Hill), giving a blink-and-you-missed-it introduction of Rihanna. Still, just being there was enough for a standing ovation from the star-studded crowd long before she opened her mouth to get things rolling.

Ms.B takes home 3 awards out of 3 nominations (yup.she's back~)
Here are the list of the nominees for all 3 categories

Best Female Video
Mariah Carey - Touch My Body
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl
Rihanna - Take A Bow
Jordan Sparks - No Air
Britney Spears - Piece Of Me

Best Pop Video
Danity Kane - Damaged
Jonas Brothers - Burnin Up
Panic At The Disco! - Nine In The Afternoon
Britney Spears - Piece Of Me
Tokio Hotel - Ready, Set, Go!

Best Video Of The Year
Chris Brown - Forever
Jonas Brothers - Burnin Up
The Pussycat Dolls - When I Grow Up
Britney Spears - Piece Of Me
The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go

Ms.B shows off her sexy bod with 2 dresses designed by Donatella Versace. Sources said that she wore a vintage Gianni Versace couture gown. Now that is what I call a true queen ;)

Sexual Hotness

Suatu petang yang aman di sebuah kedai lingerie

Shasha : You! I nak beli you! Tolonglah I pilih!

Kami mencari dan menggeledah. Akhirnya! Jumpa!

Auntie Hot : Ok. I ambilkan you size *** ok?
Me : Wah auntie! You boleh tau dia punya size?!? Macam mana?
Auntie Hot : I hari-hari pegang maa...Sudah biasa
Me : Auntie auntie, you tgk I punya you rase size apa??
Auntie Hot : Ini ah...(pegang-pegang TEPI badan) 36C la
Me : Wah auntie! You buat I happy la auntie!
Auntie Hot : Ok la...Ok la...36A la. Minimum!

Auntie Hot sudah berjaya membuat hati ku berbunga-bunga. Ahhhhh~ @.@

p/s: Makh telah membuat pengakuan hebat bahawa Zaza=Sexual Hotness. Thanks to our Law for Engineers lecturer kerana telah memberi ajaran tentang sexual harassment pada petang puasa ini.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scruffy Guys Alert

It seems like everywhere and anywhere we see nowdays, celebrities are having scruffy guys as their main squeeze. So I guess scruffy is the new hotpants?

Here, I'm listing out A FEW case of 'scruffiness invasion' over Hollywood land.

Demi Moore (not pictured) has Ashton Kutcher

Angelina Jolie has Brad Pitt

Christinna Ricci has Adam Goldberg

Jennifer Garner (not pictured) has Ben Affleck

Whitney Port has her infamous beau

So find me a scruffy guy as I'm likely to be the next A-lister star *,*

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Must Have Accessory

Dabby Reid Ltd Long Strand Pearl Necklace ($98.00)

I'll be such a bitch with this around my neck +tosses hair+

Miracle Month

It's fasting month again and I'm dying to get my "shape" in shape.If you know what I mean.Lol

But looking at a different point of view.Ramadan also means miracle.
Life is no fairy tale movie if you ask me but miracles do happen.
So look around you and search for that special gift from god :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

1st Post

Hello World! =]