Friday, September 26, 2008

"Womanizer" premiers

Love...Womanizer is here!
Womanizer was originally set to get its official unveiling on September 22 but after a leaked version of the song was released, they decided to delay the date.
So yes, after all of the delays and stuff that make Natnat and I overly excited till NatNat pees in her panties (I just made that up coz that is soOo her.LOL) , we can now be at peace. +heaven+

Owh crap. Not yet. Coz now I can't wait for the album! Circus will be officially drop on B's birthday, December 2.


p/s: Natnat should get the Best Fan Award for being so patient all week.



luv that song !
i think brit make a gud comeback !
cant wait for her next album !
n love lady gaga too !

Zaza B. said...

OMG!Britney is the best.
Womanizer is such a catchy song.
Be sure to get ur "Circus" Traslucentlyheall!!!

Anonymous said...

wat the hell .. nice ? u ppl need to start listening to my itunes collections ....

Zaza B. said...

Shut up hater -_-