Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Spotted, S0wphee was given the I-Know-U-Tak-Puasa look by Makcik Jual Air Kelapa at Mosque Square this evening.

That Makcik tied the plastic bag halfway through and even put a straw for her! So how is S0wphee going to defend herself in this case? We just have to wait and listen for her squeals. LMAO

And here I am, feeling sorry for myself for not taking any pics of that incident.
I was busy laughing with Makh while S0wphee asks that Makcik to fully tie the plastic bag and guess what that Makcik said...

"La...Makcik ingat kamu nak minum terus tadi. Ish,budak 2 org tu bising plk"

You Know You Love Me

Zaza Aziz ;)

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aKidos said...

i know u tak puasa look ... hahahah !!