Sunday, September 7, 2008

Scruffy Guys Alert

It seems like everywhere and anywhere we see nowdays, celebrities are having scruffy guys as their main squeeze. So I guess scruffy is the new hotpants?

Here, I'm listing out A FEW case of 'scruffiness invasion' over Hollywood land.

Demi Moore (not pictured) has Ashton Kutcher

Angelina Jolie has Brad Pitt

Christinna Ricci has Adam Goldberg

Jennifer Garner (not pictured) has Ben Affleck

Whitney Port has her infamous beau

So find me a scruffy guy as I'm likely to be the next A-lister star *,*


Anonymous said...

i bg u mr Z!!!!
*evil laugh*

syuhada =D said...

i sokong!!hahaha

eleh anonymous la tatau je.hahahah ;p

Anonymous said...

tak faham ....

Zaza B. said...

the post has nothing to do with him la!
perbualan makh n sowphee yang mencetuskan segala idea.

and yes.anonymous is Sha Busok XD

sha said...

identiti i xperlu dihebah2 kn la...

nyways...dont be too sensitive on 'that guy' issue...unless u really hv some issues....


+evil power of two laugh+