Monday, September 15, 2008

Weird Looking 'Mee Kari'

I'm skipping class. Again. Can't blame the queen if she don't have enough quality sleep +peace!+
And the fact that lectures are bored and assignments are way too many. That is a very reasonable reason for me to be skipping class. Kan?Kan?Kan? ;)

Yesterday night, "budak ini lagi CUN" aka Dayana Ilham, gave me this delicious food which is at first I assume that it is 'Mee Kari'. A weird one, because it has a fishy taste and has lots of extra ingredients such as raw veges and sambal! Halfway through my eating process, I decided to YM! her and compliment her weird curry noodles.

za~ aziz: budak.mee kari anda yang pelik ini sedap
za~ aziz: kasik kat yys confirm dpt A

za~ aziz: hahaha
budak ni lagi CUN: laksa johor laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
budak ni lagi CUN: ade ke mi karii

budak ni lagi CUN: ahahahahha

budak ni lagi CUN: haihh budak2 zmn skrg ni

za~ aziz: owh
za~ aziz: yeke
budak ni lagi CUN: ade ke laksa dye pngil mi kari
za~ aziz: patut la
za~ aziz: igt mee kari yang pelik
za~ aziz: lol
budak ni lagi CUN: wahahaha
budak ni lagi CUN: itik tau?

budak ni lagi CUN: itik tuh muke cm gajah
budak ni lagi CUN: frm tepi cm yys

Dayana was caught red-handed mengutuk lecturer.Jeng jeng jeng...

The story behind this "food giving ceremony" is that I teasingly told her to return my Lab Sheet to me with some food. And I specifically told her to bring me some pudding. So yes, that poor little (little kah Dayana itu?) girl prepared me this weird but delicious meal from Muar, Johor. But sadly it is not pudding. Thank god the food is yummy. Thanks "budak ini lagi CUN"!

After I mixed all the ingredients together.
It does look like mee kari kan kanak-kanak?


Lyana said...

Mee Kari?
Comfirm zaza xpernah makan laksa johor before.
Xpe xpe. Better now or never. LOL!

FARIZA said...

I'm confused with all those laksa-laksa out there.
1 je zaza confirm tahu.

syu budak baik said...

same here.kite pun xleh differentiate.haha~

tp laksa penang and laksam i know la. ;D

aKidos said...

damn ... i am gonna look for mee curry later!

googleing mee curry now !

FARIZA said...

lol.muharram kelaparan