Friday, January 23, 2009

Michelle Obama's favorite : Maria Pinto

Mrs Obama has made a wise choice by choosing Maria Pinto's collection in most of her appearences.
Now that this small unknown Chicago designer can make it big,
let's hope that she can create dresses that every girl dreams of and every man hopes for

This is one of her Spring 08 collection
My favorite!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Google That!

This is a tag post.
Tagged by : Cicak

Rules : Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer.

So here goes...

I am:Well, half of that is not true.LOL

I really want to go to:

My favourite place:Theme park!!!

My favourite thing:
Colorful colors!

My favourite drink:
Coffee~ @,@

My favourite food:

My favourite colour:
I was born in:wth? hahaha~!

I live in:
a house that is not as big as this.

My school:Is full with people acting like monkeys

My favourite story:Fuzzy Rabbit!

My hobby:Girlfriends~ (this is just a random pic)

I wish I am:A Queen
All hail...

I would like to tag...
1. Syuhada
2. Rasyid
3. Lyana

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

High Waisted = High Taste

According to a magazine survey,
men hate women wearing anything that is high waisted.
Well guess what.

I want this sexy thing to be in my 2009 wardrobe list.
If anyone is kind enough to search for me a very decent high-waisted pencil skirts
Do tell me.
Because I've been searching for this and all I can find is a high-waisted mini skirts
which I can't wear 'em to campus or job interviews
(unless the interviewer is a perv)

High-waisted skirt by Nanette Lepore
The many sexy ways of Pulling-It-Off

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go Green!

Is the grass always greener on the other side?
Well, it is!

Lilo with her Dolce&Gabbana short dress

Lilo again with Stella McCartney dress (so I think).

Gucci Bacall High Heel Sandals
Katie Holmes and her Balenciaga bag

Owh, btw this is sooo off topic.
But I found these pouches are cute and I want them!
They also have purses in the shape of cute panties. Adorable!
You guys can get these munchkins from Bambina Di Cioccolato
selling price for every pouches & purses varies from £17.95 to £34.00

Monday, January 12, 2009

SOS Please Someone Help Me, It's Not Healthy, For Me To Feel This...

. . . _ _ _ . . .

I got an email from Shell
and it goes like this
Interviews are on a one-to-one basis and will last 45 minutes. There will be a 5 minute career discussion at the beginning of the interview were you will have the opportunity to state your career preferences, and advise us on flexibility of work location etc. During the interview we will aim to give you the opportunity to demonstrate the qualities we consider important in Shell. You will be asked for evidence of your Achievement and Relationship skills to date, as well as being given the opportunity to analyse an issue that is current to global companies (Capacity). Throughout our recruitment process, we assess you against CAR
I guess that my interview will practically sounds like this

Shell: What is your career preferences?
Bimbo Me: I would love to be a fashion buyer!

Shell: What is your flexibility of work location?
Bimbo Me: Anywhere! As long as it is near the mall. If you wanna put me in Paris. Bring it on!

Shell: What is your evidence of achievement & relationship skills?
Bimbo Me: People called me a BFH. You decide.

Shell: Analyse the current global warming level that is effecting our planet today.
Bimbo Me: It's freakin' hot. I feel like melting, literally!

Cicak told me to read about economics stuff.
I admit it, I'm a bimbo when it comes to economic and shits.
I only know that the economy is bad nowdays and people are having recession period because the US is having something something going on with their economy?
And what does CAR means?
Adakah itu kereta? La Voiture?
I'm going to be a piece of dead meat this week.

*sings Gloria Gaynor-I Will Survive*

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Campus Look: Chapter I

First off, let me introduce you the Banana Republic Cashmere T-Shirt Dress
You can pair it with a long black leggings(not translucent) or maybe skinny jeans,
a long necklace (Vincci Accessories can offer you cheap & chic accessories!),
a vintage sling clutch (metal mesh/leather)
and a pair of heels.
Owh, you can also use a scarf with this outfit!

Next stop,
pair it with a high-waisted skirt
or a decent pencil skirt.
No necklace or accessories needed as this blouse has its own highlight. THE BOW.
You can choose to wear a pair of black boots and a Birkin bag (or 1 that is similar to that).

More from BCBGMAXAZRIA is the floral wrap dress.
Same goes to this one. No accessories needed.
Let the prints do the talking.
Shoes, preferable strappy heels.
Gladiators are also welcome
or even flats! (if you have long legs to go with that)
An oversize bag would be nice with this dress
Six (and more...) wonderful looks from Topshop
We got a jumpsuit and an oversized bag, capris & a beanie hat, oversized jacket with a pair of skinnies, cute blouse and a sling-clutch, a jumpsuit and a leather slingbag, and babydoll dress with cute square cut jacket.
All 6 styles are fabulous.
(Fyi, jumpsuits are made to be short. Long jumpsuit should only be worn by technicians and spacemen)

Last but not least, a Betsey Johnson's charm bracelet.
Who can resist this cutie!?!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

(source: imdb)
Based on the books "Confessions of a Shopaholic" and "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan" by Sophie Kinsella. Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher) is a 25 year old who lives with her best friend Suze (Krysten Ritter) in Suze's flat (paying her friend rent that is well below market value), in a trendy part of town. Rebecca has a very boring job writing for a financial magazine. She has a shopping addiction and her crap job doesn't pay enough. Her bills are piling up, so she tries cutting back (complete fiasco), then she tries making more money (another fiasco). Eventually, Becky discovers a story that she is truly invested in. Exposing the story gets the attention of a (male, need I say more?) colleague that she hasn't quite figured out yet. Some drama ensues as she snags the (EXTREMELY hot) guy, and she attempts to pay off her ever-growing debt.

Omg! You guys have no idea how much I love this book.
Becky and I can be each other's best shopping mate ever.
Let's hope that P.J Hogan directed it as good as how Sophie Kinsella wrote it.

Here are some photos from the movie:I love love love the pink shoes and the black & white jacket

To all Malaysian, this movie will hit our cinema on March 2009.
Americans can enjoy watching this movie on Feb 13th.
For more release dates for other countries, click here.

I do hope that this movie will be a good one because if it does,
March will be a very good month for me this year.


Movie Trailer:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

It's that time of year again
where people go crazy on shopping, driving around, looking at fireworks and illegal racing or we Malaysians called it merempit
So I went along with the hormones.
Since Sowphee is turning 22, and it is New Year Eve, AND we are at the historical city of Malacca,
we decided to do a mix culture theme birthday+New Year celebration.
Malaysian "rempit" surrounding, with 'Bedtime Story' movie tickets, and a table full with Yemeni food.
Hah! How about that for a mix culture theme.

Happy Birthday Sowphee!
Lucky her. She got the whole fireworks thinggy every year on her birthday.
And to everyone