Tuesday, January 20, 2009

High Waisted = High Taste

According to a magazine survey,
men hate women wearing anything that is high waisted.
Well guess what.

I want this sexy thing to be in my 2009 wardrobe list.
If anyone is kind enough to search for me a very decent high-waisted pencil skirts
Do tell me.
Because I've been searching for this and all I can find is a high-waisted mini skirts
which I can't wear 'em to campus or job interviews
(unless the interviewer is a perv)

High-waisted skirt by Nanette Lepore
The many sexy ways of Pulling-It-Off


mero said...

hey somehow i find it true ... the girl dont seem hot that way.

Zaza B. said...

Mero, why??? I think it defines the shape.

aKidos said...


thats my other account ... forgot to log out

Lyana said...

High Waisted skirt are so IN!
And they DO make girls look HOT & SEXY... if you know how do style them.
Me agree with u!!!!