Thursday, January 15, 2009

Go Green!

Is the grass always greener on the other side?
Well, it is!

Lilo with her Dolce&Gabbana short dress

Lilo again with Stella McCartney dress (so I think).

Gucci Bacall High Heel Sandals
Katie Holmes and her Balenciaga bag

Owh, btw this is sooo off topic.
But I found these pouches are cute and I want them!
They also have purses in the shape of cute panties. Adorable!
You guys can get these munchkins from Bambina Di Cioccolato
selling price for every pouches & purses varies from £17.95 to £34.00


Blair Arden said...

1.Omfg at the hotness of Lilo. Short is the way to go Lilo!

2. Oh, how this Stella McCartney dress gives me such a 'beautiful' memory of Lilo. ;P

3.I want them heels!

4. Eww at the weirdos. Hello, Balenciaga~

Zaza B. said...

1. Tell me about it.

2. @.@

3. Me Too!!!

4. Hand over the bag Katie!

Blair Arden said...

2. We were given a 'view' of down under when the wind blew.


Zaza B. said...

Yup. The day the earth stood still.
If u know what I mean