Monday, January 12, 2009

SOS Please Someone Help Me, It's Not Healthy, For Me To Feel This...

. . . _ _ _ . . .

I got an email from Shell
and it goes like this
Interviews are on a one-to-one basis and will last 45 minutes. There will be a 5 minute career discussion at the beginning of the interview were you will have the opportunity to state your career preferences, and advise us on flexibility of work location etc. During the interview we will aim to give you the opportunity to demonstrate the qualities we consider important in Shell. You will be asked for evidence of your Achievement and Relationship skills to date, as well as being given the opportunity to analyse an issue that is current to global companies (Capacity). Throughout our recruitment process, we assess you against CAR
I guess that my interview will practically sounds like this

Shell: What is your career preferences?
Bimbo Me: I would love to be a fashion buyer!

Shell: What is your flexibility of work location?
Bimbo Me: Anywhere! As long as it is near the mall. If you wanna put me in Paris. Bring it on!

Shell: What is your evidence of achievement & relationship skills?
Bimbo Me: People called me a BFH. You decide.

Shell: Analyse the current global warming level that is effecting our planet today.
Bimbo Me: It's freakin' hot. I feel like melting, literally!

Cicak told me to read about economics stuff.
I admit it, I'm a bimbo when it comes to economic and shits.
I only know that the economy is bad nowdays and people are having recession period because the US is having something something going on with their economy?
And what does CAR means?
Adakah itu kereta? La Voiture?
I'm going to be a piece of dead meat this week.

*sings Gloria Gaynor-I Will Survive*


Mr Cheesecake said...

Bring on Perlis!!!
or Kelantan!
dont worry, they do have pasar besar there..haha..

Zaza B. said...