Friday, September 19, 2008

Love and Lust

Love, lust and the occasional flings. People are just bound to have this overrated drama in their life. But to a certain extend, people are just being plain stupid and ridiculous.

I appreciate the love and lust around me. Honestly, I do. But when a guy falls for two girls and the girls are weeping their eyes out for him. Can someone gives me a bitch-slap for this?

Sickly devoted people do exist. They would do ANYTHING for their "significant other". Just how significant your "other" is?
I am not here to judge but what you give, you should get back. Not talking about material stuff. That is a whole diff issue. I'm talking about the love and attention that you give to someone. If that someone is just not as devoted as you are. Isn't that a signal for you to pack your stuff and leave?

Relationships might not be my forte but I have nothing against it. I love the love I have and I love seeing love in people. But please...PDA is very much not appreciated here. Especially when you are living in this sinless land called Malaysia. +choke myself to die for saying that+


aKidos said...

miss fariza .. its very naive for u to claim that.

I used to say such thing, feel very disgusted towards some girls willing allow guys to take advantage on them even when she is aware that the guy is already in the relationship with someone else.

At first, I claimed that girls are irrational to believe the guy will not do the same thing towards her - the things that he did with her while he was with his previous gf. But then, I did exactly the same thing ...

It is hard and u get blinded when u r in that kind of situation. If u r very much into the person- ur judgment towards the person will become biased to the extend u might believe when he claims he is working for FBI !

Seriously dear, u should try going thru that ...U will get a better and clearer view .

Have a nice day and take care of urself ok !

FARIZA said...

A mind of a person who is in love=a mind of a crazy person.And I'm talking based on facts written by smart people.

Trying not to be judgemental here, I'm aware that when you are in love, you are in love. And there's nothing wrong with that. But sacrificing your thoughts and care towards someone who doesn't deserve them? Now3.Thats sound so wrong.

I do believe that some people can change. So yes, I don't judge people from their prev relationships. The things that he did to his prev gf is his past. And not for us to blame. But love triangle just makes us look stupid and used. Why wasting time with someone who can't even choose to have who?I know that when u r in love you'll tend to not see it.But the longer you stay.The more you'll get hurt.

Yes, I agree that when you like that someone, you'll tend to be blind and biased. But when you think rationally, you wouldn't want to be used and whats more. Heartbroken.

aKidos said...

haha so are u ?

FARIZA said...

I choose not to say a word.

syu said...

i couldn't agree more with u za.there's no reason to stay when the other person is obviously showing signs of "back off".

PDA between us apa salahnya~haha ;p