Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Have a sexy Halloween!

Halloween is coming. But here in Malaysia, we won't be seeing any cool and exciting halloween party. Still, can't let your imagination gets dry and bored all day.
Let us make ourselves a costume and do our own party!

While googling this and that, I found this

A RockFairy!!!
And I think it's Kendra over there who is rocking the costume with killer shoes.



Fishnet-leg Vampire!!!
But I think the Vampire guy costume should be vamped-out a bit.
Make it like Vampire Lestat in Queen of the Damned and you'll get the sexiest vampire ever

And for my Cicak, I've found something very special for her

A Playboy Bunny!!!
This costume suits her pornstar-me very well.LOL
But that picture of Paris is not flattering at all.She looks fat.
And Cicak should pose like thisand don't forget the tail! +toink!toink!+ I adore Playboy bunnies.
I sound so gay -_-'


aKidos said...

how come i dont see this here ... max i can see is girls in funny looking shorts. wink wink ...

Zaza B. said...

define funny looking shorts

Blair Arden said...


I wanna dress as Kat Von D this year! Not a Playboy Bunny. Phissssh.

I suggest you go as a naughty schoolgirl or a sexy cop.


aKidos said...

cant take this anymore... Fariza in sexy school girl uniform - my nose cant stop bleeding T__________T

Zaza B. said...


I would definitely go with the sexy cop!
"You've been a bad....boy.Go inside my room!"



Blair Arden said...

Bad boy?? I thought bad girl.

Now, now don't get confused, Ms. Lesbo Face. Tee hee~

I know you want Lilo to_____ on her knees with a ________in her ______ wearing just a _________.


Zaza B. said...

Cicak is being kinky coz of the drinks that she had. -_-

c.for.coriander said...

Haha. still with the hype for playboy bunnies, dear? btw, tak sangka you linked meee...waaa..terharu.

i'm soo linking you:)

forgive my sudden silence from the blogging scene.

Zaza B. said...

Playboy bunnies are cute ape...
Don't you think so?
tee hee~

Btw, you blog is too cute to be not linked ;*