Tuesday, November 11, 2008

fo'shizzle the izzle

"You are the shizzle"

When someone said this to me, I was wondering what the hell does it mean. I know the 'sizzle me shizzle' sentence, but I could careless what it is all about until someone shove it to my face with such remark.

Google to the rescue!!!
So here is the definition that I got from urbandictionary.com

Sure - 'Fo Shizzle' = For Sure, definitely.
Shit - 'That's The Shizzle' = That is good.

So I guess 'you are the shizzle' means 'you are the shit'?

or let me put it in a more appropriate manner, 'you are D bomb'.
Emphasize on the 'd' please. LOL

Learning that you can just add the suffix '-izz' to any word. I wanna give it a try and do my 1st hip hop sentence.

I'm gonna steezy hard this semizzster.Fo shizzle!
Even when the exizzem is like the shizzle.
And what the fizzuck I'm talking about???

Fine. I give up. You hip-hoppers are on your own. Looking at my sentence above, I am now more convince that I was not born to be a hip-hopper. Thank god for that.

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