Monday, May 4, 2009

Tomok Sudah Besar

Ok. I know that this is so over now. But WHAT THE HECK?!?!
Shah Indrawan aka Tomok is now a millionaire???
*ok, masih tidak selepas tolak tax dan lain2*

I've watched him singing Crazy In Love and Umbrella on Youtube.
Performance wise...ok lah.
But a bit off on the pronunciation.
Gotta give this fella some credit for ditching his duck-voice.

Sejarah Mungkin Berulang era?
Don't think so


Blair Arden said...

Tomok dah tak sengau. Ok dah.

Tapi I wanted Aweera to win....

Zaza B. said...

Haven't check out Aweera yet.Is he hot?

Blair Arden said...


He's into rock, sbb tu i ske. Haha.

And he dari keluarga miskin. Some days tak dapat makan pape kena pi kutip tins to sell and get money. Sian. :(

Zaza B. said...

Shit.Tapi undian kesian tak hot la.Like Mawi.Bila dah menang berlagak plk.

syu said...

ha ah.betul2.undi kesian x best.
besides,aweera tak best.*honest*
he's into rock but he doesn't rock.huhuu.
rock aweera = rock kapak.he said he wanted to be someone like Amy Search.kapak sangat ok >.<
cannot tahan.hahaha.

eh nat,betul ke somedays x makan?i thought they have gerai makan tu?dalam VTR tu tunjuk mcm ade kedai makan.

xpe la.though tak menang,i think he can still be recording artist.huhu~

Blair Arden said...

If mcm tu, suara Tomok tu pon is not woth 1mill la c'mon. Hahah! He is talented in his own right but his voice...there's about 100000 other Tomoks out there. LMAO.

Tak kisah la...I mmg wanted Aweera or Tomok to win. Haha~


Urm...Syu. I HAVE NO IDEA what you're talking bout! Ape yg tak mkn? VTR tu apemende?

O.o?? *is confused*

Zaza B. said...

Do u wanna know whose voice is worth that million? ME!

True,MAWI SUCKS.Period.

Cic, u yg ckp td Aweera sometimes tak dpt makan and have to collect tins.So Syu was asking, betul ke Aweera kdg2 tak mkn? Duh~

VTR is the short vid i think.Like those short bio about the contestant

syu said...

yes yes.VTR tu short video.
kan waktu final tu before each performance ade video diorang bercakap pasal their past and all.
dlm tu nampak Aweera cuci pinggan mangkuk kat restaurant.
and then nampak macam ayah dia masak2 kat situ.
so cam confuse when u said diorang tak makan.huhu~

Blair Arden said...

Oh, blur jap. Hahah, wtf.

Dia cakap dulu xde makanan he has to go search for tins to sell. He's from a poor family bla3...