Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tag! II

Ok people, I just found out that I've been tagged by Miss Beep.
But the thing is, I found it out through Google.

Yana! Your site is pretty damn famous dowh~
1st page on google search!
And babe, that is how I know that I've been tagged by you!
Back in 2008 that is.

Tagged by Lyana.


  • First Name – Fariza
  • Nickname – Fiza, Angelfish, Zaza, Zazu, Zsazsa, Fafa, Za, Ayam, IceIceBaby(BB), Poodle, etc... (this is what happen when you love giving people names)
  • Name you wish you had – Lola. (gle bimbo.haha~)
  • What do people normally mistake your name as – Farizah
  • Birthday - March 22
  • Birthplace – Kuantan, Phg
  • Time of Birth – 5-ish PM
  • Single or taken – Single (cecece~ hint2)
  • Zodiac sign - Aries


  • How tall are you – 5”3 (yes BB, to be exact 5"3.5)
  • Wish you were taller – YES
  • Eye color – Dark brown
  • Eye color you want – Sexy Green
  • Natural Hair color – Dark Brown
  • Current Hair color - Light Brown
  • Short or long hair – Long
  • Ever dye your hair a bizarre color – Not YET
  • Curly,Straight,Wavy – Wavy
  • Last time you did something dramatic with your hair – Permed? Boy-cut? Bangs? I've did it all baby.Haha~!
  • Glasses or contacts – Contacts
  • Do you wear make-up – Yes
  • Ever had hair extensions - Nope. Maybe one day.
  • Paint your nails – Yes, but not now.


  • What color eyes – Anything sexy
  • What color hair – Brown
  • Shy or Outgoing – Outgoing!
  • Looks or personality – A bit of both?
  • Sexy or Cute – Sexy
  • Serious or Fun – Fun
  • Older or Younger than you – Older
  • A turn on – Sexy hair, tall, adventurous, funny, sexy english accent without those gedik BM accent
  • A turn off – Short, chest hair, shy.


  • Flowers or Chocolate – Chocolate. Preferable dark please.
  • Pepsi or Coke – Pepsi
  • Rap or Rock – Rock
  • Relationship or One night stand - Hmm...can I get back to this later? LOL
  • School or Work – None.
  • Love or Money – Money? Haha~!
  • Movies or Music – Music
  • Country or City – City
  • Sunny or Rainy days – Sunny. But not goddamn hot like now.
  • Friends or Family – Both


  • Lied – Always
  • Stole something – Yes
  • Smoked – Yes
  • Hurt someone close to you – Yes
  • Broke someones heart – Maybe?
  • Had you heart broken – Yes, everytime I'm back from lala land to reality.
  • Wondered what was wrong with you – All the times.LOL
  • Wish you were a prince/princess – Always.
  • Liked someone who was taken – Johnny Depp~ Ryan Reynolds~
  • Shaved your head – Nope. But I wish that I'm hot enough for it ;)
  • Been in love - ALL THE TIME
  • Used chopsticks – Yes
  • Sang in the mirror to yourself – Haha. Yes
  • Ever cried over someone – Fuck I hate this. Yes.
  • Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself – A lot. Implants, plastic surgery, tall and smaller bone structure, etc (talk about being content).
  • Do you think you’re attractive – Haha. Am I attracted to myself?No. Are people attracted to me? Idk.
  • If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose – Alice In Wonderland!
  • Do you play any sports – Shopping


  • Flower – Lavender, daisy, lily
  • Candy – Not a candy person. Bring on gummie bears!
  • Song – Britney's
  • Scent – Sexy sophisticated scent.
  • Color – Generally, pink. Attire, black. Sometimes, gold.
  • Movie – Please refer to any of my social network page. (pemalas kau Fariza)
  • Singer – Britney Spears
  • Word - Fabulousity
  • Junk food - Baskin Robbins, Ferrero Rocher, Alpes, Cadbury, Kit Kat, M&M's, Cottage Fries, Chacos, Green Peas snacks, etc... (this is why I'm hot! -Mims anthem)
  • Website – Can this blog be considered as my website? Lol.Lame.I know.
  • Lotion – Vaseline
  • Animal – Not much of an animal lover. But cats and rabbits are cute.


  • Link to your tagger and post these rules.
  • List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

My 8 random facts

I love Britney
I love Megan Fox
I hate roaches or any insects
I love BB
I love to dance? OK...laugh all you can.
I love coffee. Starbucks to be precise. Esspresso Frappucino.
I love tall guys.
I love spending money.

8 people I’m tagging:
Ala...malas la nak tag org. Sape nak buat buat jela. Lol
But I would love to see BB, Fa, Izza and Zulhilmi M do this ;D


Blair Arden said...

I like the name Lola too! *looks at my pinky Lola*

How can you be 5'3 when I'm 5'3?

ZAZA ENJOYS WEEKLY ONE NIGHT STANDS. Please take a number. Thank you.

Zaza B. said...

Lola sounds gedik.Lol

I'm 5'3.5 or 3.7
Almost 5'4. Tapi just letak 5'3.