Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Won't Be Back Till March

Gossip Girl won't be back until March O.O! I'm hearing two airing dates.
March 2nd
March 6th
Not sure which one is the real airing date. Will update later when it is confirmed. So the next episode, which is Episode 18: Blair Waldorf's Day Off is pretty much like this
Chuck is having trouble dealing with the mystery that was his father and the way in which his spare time was managed. Meanwhile, Nate catches Vanessa flirting with another guy, and at a moment of desperation, reluctantly turns to Blair for help. Dan purposely ignores Serena’s calls and tells Miss Carr that things are beyond a little complicated between the two of them right now. Miss Carr chooses not to take her job back and spends most of her time in an empty apartment with her new fling, who doesn’t seem to be quite grieving from his recent break-up. At the same time, Lily and Rufus question where their relationship is going and talk casually about merging their households, Chuck however, is against the idea, and does everything in his power to stop it.
I'm sensing that a make up and break up scene is about to come. Can't wait for March! *hyper*


aKidos said...

do u know that i watch gossip girl too ... very educational when comes to photography !!!

Zaza B. said...

In what ways? Or are you finding reasons to oogle over Leighton's sexiness??? LOL

aKidos said...

hahaha .... have to agree she is very seductive !!