Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jealousy Bites!

Jealousy is a big greedy hateful word.
But I can't help but smile when people are saying hateful things just because they are jealous of me.
It makes me feel all Brit-sy inside *giggles*
After all, we do live a pretty mean world.

I was doing my anual Y!Mail checking this afternoon and guess what I found.
This came from a girl studying in Canada

Subject: Are you and my fiance having communication...

Pretty interesting right?
So here I thought that it was a spam mail.
Until I saw the preview of the mail
(yahoo has this preview thinggy if you know what I mean)

Why are you still trying to have contact with my fiance...???

People are funny sometimes. I don't even know what is she talking about.
She is so pissed about some May 12th 2008 email which I don't know what's the content of that email.
And it is already 2009!
Why don't you go and check your fiance's 1990s mails too while you're at it -_-

To the sender:
Thanks but no thanks.
( unless he is a hot piece of ass like Johnny Depp or Ryan Reynolds ;D )

And so, I got a second email.
This time, she starts cursing me.
Aha... jealousy strikes!
Keep on doing it Lily Flower.
(her id is Fleur-de-Leis)
I'm loving it! ;*

Some random pictures that reminds me of the word 'Jealousy'

A book by Marissa Walsh:

I'm actually in love with the dress. So Oscar de la Renta~

A pair of Joey Batcave jeans from April 77 with a signature guitar pick holder at its 5th pocket (AND HOT SHOES) that scream
"Tell your momma I'm hot!"
I end this post with a short message


Au revoir!


aKidos said...

life is boring without dramas .... Have fun and enjoy while u can.

Zaza B. said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! How nice of you to put something like this pertaining to me ~ Good job!

Well I am not just studying in Canada but I was born here in North America.

And no Fariza :) I am not jealous of you and I have no reason to be jealous of you lass.

I was merely asking but you bursted like a horse manure (-_-)

Well ~ alright I was out of order at the time when I emailed you rubbishly. You took it the wrong way ~..

PS: I comprehend that you are just paying back what I spatted on your unsightly visage .. the word "harlot" ~

Lets just forget about it yah?


Zaza B. said...

Omg! I got a stalker.

"I was merely asking but you bursted like a horse manure (-_-)"

I would like you to reconsider that.