Thursday, February 19, 2009

In Desperate Need Of Retail Therapy

When a girl can't physically go shopping.
Or the mall feels too mundane for her.
She goes online!

God...I'm a fool for shoes.
I want them in red, black, zebra printed, etc etc etc...

Btw, as I'm typing this post,
I just got myself these babies!Gorgeous kan...
I know. I have to wait for these pair of munchkins for months!
Owh the torture~
But the seller offered me a very nice + sweet offer.
She is going to send it tomorrow morning!
I feel like hugging her. Seriously
This just cost us a celebration!
And btw, you guys can visit her blogshop
for more sexy + appealing shoes.
Trust me. If I am not on a tight budget right now.
I'll be buying that Carrrie Brideshaw shoes that she sells.

And guys...I spotted this for ya!
Sexy sengal...
(jikalau daku ada boyfriend yang sebegitu dashing lagi stylista kan hebat~)
You guys can order this superbly hot skinny jacket at
Lacquer and Lace
If you ask me. Those jackets remind me of Chad Micheal Murray or Chace Crawford.
I think, I had fallen in love with that headless guy for a minute or two.

Note: click image for a better view


aKidos said...

i cant fit .. i am too fat !!

p/s cant imagine myself in those clothes either ... i will look weird !

Mr Cheesecake said...

I still think that retail therapy is only achieve by physically being there..but that's another issue..ha ha

Lyana said...

Hahaha... I've bought a few stuff from the seller. My shoe collection dah byk giler. Thinking of selling them out to buy more shoes. LOL!

PrInCeSs Q said...

i can't wait to see ur babiess...

hate u!!
im also want that kind of shoes..
why u always found the superduper hot shoes...

Zaza B. said...

Hmmm...Well I guess that not everyone can pull it off then.

Mr Cheesecake:
If you are spending your money for some stuff that you want.That is retail for me.hahaha~!

She's hot kan??? ;D

Princess Q:
Lalalala~ hot stuff goes to hot people.LOL

aKidos said... my cyberprenurship project ion

Zaza B. said...

Oh my $%*&)$@!
Muharram has a fashion blogshop???
Selling dresses???