Saturday, December 20, 2008

What I Want For Xmas

I know that I don't celebrate Christmas but it is the most beautiful holiday ever
and I just love love love presents
So I've made my 2008 list of
"What I Want For Xmas"

  1. Britney Spears "Circus" Tour Ticket
  2. Return flight from the "Tour place"-Malaysia
  3. Chanel Pearl Necklace
  4. White Chanel Cambon Tote
  5. Louboutins
  6. Britney's fragrances
  7. Kate Moss's Topshop denim collection
  8. A lifetime supply of Starbucks
  9. A year supply of Meiji's Amino Collagen drinks
  10. A platinum card with someone else to pay the bills

To mail me all of the stuff above,
please send in your name and phone number at the comment box
Thank you

To repay your kindness and effort in spending all of your cash on me
Here is a very fun Christmas Carol by Brit & Ellen
~With the bells in the jingles and the jingles in the bells~


Mr Cheesecake said...

kesian,pergi the states kne byr sendri..haha..u havent sent ur letter to santa is it..

Zaza B. said...

Harus mencari sponsor! Segera!
Nope.Santa is busy doing his shopping spree with Rudolph.Kan Jualan Jimat sekarang...

aKidos said...

i asked for a box of chocolate and a hug .... and i am pretty sure gonna get them . should keep ur wish simple and easy to be granted u see .

Merry Xmas ...

Blair Arden said...

Even you have come up with a list??

And I thought I was celebrating! Lol.

If I start to list what I would be a neverending story. Hehehe.

I want PEOPLE this Xmas. Boleh tak?

3.Maple Syrup Boy

Hurry! Go grab your sack & kidnap 'em for me. Make sure you tie a ribbon on them when you leave them under my tree,bitch!

P.S: Don't forget the maple syrup. ;)


Zaza B. said...

Simple list goes to the one we loved most. I-dont-care-bout-the-money-I-just-want-you kinda person.
And that list goes privately under their pillow

Zaza B. said...


Xmas is for everyone!

Why is Reptar above Mia?
Please explain A.S.A.P.

Blair Arden said...

Stop calling me that! >_<

I want them for "decoration purposes" je...

Asal tak boleh? He's always my no.1! *blush*

Zaza B. said...

Decoration my ass

Bitch.Kesian Mia

Blair Arden said...

Ape? You nak I letak decoration on your ass?

Bole! you nak I letak ape? ;p

Sengal la you....


1.Reptar/Mia (share no.1 spot!)
2.Maple Syrup Boy