Monday, December 29, 2008

Otto o Otl

Have you ever wonder who is responsible for this toilet sign?
It never occur to me to think about it until one day, I read an article about genius artist around the world in 'Elle Decor' magazine.
Meet Otto Aicher (later changed to Otl Aicher),
the person who creates the things that we see everyday and everywhere.He created poster, mascot (Waldi), and public signs for Munich Olympics, 1972.
The simple stick figure pictogram signs are to assist tourist who comes to Germany to watch the Olympics.
This German born artist is all about simplicity with a great amount of artsy touch.
He is also the creator of Munich International Airport logo which is the letter M (stands for Munich).
Aicher died on Sept 1st, 1991 in a traffic accident.
Think you can challenge this guy by having a 24/7 worldwide art exhibition?
If yes, Good Luck!

p/s: Gossip Girl will be back on Jan 5th, followed by Privileged on the next day!

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