Thursday, December 4, 2008

Britney Album Launch @ 1 Utama

Yup.I was there at One Utama on Dec 2nd (Happy Birthday Brit!) to grab a copy of the album!
They didn't sell it anywhere else except for there on that day

Along the way...
Me and Cic had our very own souvenirs :

- Complimentary issue that had Britney on the front cover (we took it at some random restaurant)
- Posters!
- And of course, cam whoring around the place

Miss Van Der Woodsen, the album is freaking hot! CEPAT BELI!!!


Vampyre said...

Hello~ I'm so not a camwhore.

Cameras are evil!
It sucks your soul.

Didn't you know?

Zaza B. said...

You are a camwhore on that day

While holding tons of balloons


Penny Wise favorite audience

Vampyre said...

Mane ade. Tak sangat. I'm never a camwhore.

I so did NOT hold tons of balloons! 2 je,bitch.

Tak macam Penny Wise pon. If mcm tu....Cic dah lari and hide behind you!

Zaza B. said...

U sooo did u camwhore.LOL