Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Brad Is Too Hot For Malaysia

The Malaysian government bans a car ad featuring Brad Pitt because his looks would "plant a sense of inferiority among Asians."

In an official sanction, the Malaysian government ordered the ads to be pulled because the sight of non-Asian faces such as the 39-year-old actor's would "plant a sense of inferiority among Asians," the county's deputy information minister Zainuddin Maidin tells the national news agency Bernama.
"Why must we use their faces in our advertisements?" Zainuddin says. "Aren't our own people handsome enough?"

He adds: "We barred the advertisement as it appeared as a humiliation against Asians."
sources: People.com
Owh come on...I know that we have hot Malaysian guys. But nothing compares Brad! Why do we have to ban this and that? We make Malaysia sounds strict. Remember when Madonna can't wear short stuff on her previous tour here? And PCD was fined for wearing skimpy clothes? Look at our actresses and tv hosts! They wear short tube dresses and whats not. Effing retarded -_- I bet that no one wants to come here anymore. Boo hoo!

While filming Twilight, Robert Pattinson injured himself on his very first shot. "I wasn't even doing a stunt. I was just trying to pick up Kristen [Stewart] and I almost tore my hamstring because I hadn't been doing enough squats," the actor told the Los Angeles Times. "It was very embarrassing."

sources: People.com

Rob, you know what that means. Either Kristen is too fat or you are just too scrawny. But I would pick the latter ;)


aKidos said...

what Asians male feel inferior ... ? seriously, most advert that i bother looking at ..I only see the girls, the guys always in my blind spot ...

Of course i would agree if they ban some American girl posing sexy in ad and replace it with super hot asian girls... probably malay mix with thai, I kinda into asians >: )

p/s apa benda pelik kamu jual ..kamu pakai benda itu masa tidur ?

Zaza B. said...

It was kinda stupid for them to give such reason.

It is called leggings.
Kamu boleh pakai masa tidur and kamu boleh pakai masa bukan tidur. Seriously, u need to check out Vogue or Fashion Police sometimes

Mr Cheesecake said...

ini kes sama seperti http://nst.com.my/Current_News/NST/Wednesday/National/2435809/Article/index_html
takut kepada kebenaran.i think people in malaysia has already have the mental toughness and maturity to know whats good and whats bad..plus malaysians ads has always been one of the best in the world..(most of the ads in the tv today especially those shampoo ads are not from malaysia)..i dont think such ads would be inferior..heck i would think that it only can do good..guys would obviously would want to emulate him..just like how people read celeb fashion mags..and its not only a female thing to do..

Zaza B. said...

I am 110% with you Mr Cheesecake. Trying to look like Brad is not a bad thing.It is actually a good thing.

stoberi said...

Alaaa...mesia skang pon da bole
tahan seksi jgak skang.da lbh
kurang jek ngn omputeh tuh.

Zaza B. said...

Betul tu.Thats why la mcm sengal je bunyi if diorg banned this and that.Sbb kalau kite tgk local channel pun diorg pakai sexy jugak.bleh