Monday, December 15, 2008


I've been tagged by 2 lolitas (Rasyid and Lyana) a couple of times these past few months but never really do what they ask me to do. I'm a rebel! *rawr*
So in order to pay all of those tags that I've been tagged. I'll present you this!

For Rasyid's first tagged:

Marilyn's very own artsy+killer microphone. Yes people, the knife is a microphone.

For Rasyid's second tagged:

Marilyn's mugshot! Hey, everybody loves celebs mugshots. Don't you?

For Lyana's recent tagged:

Instead of posting my study table pic. Which is full with craps and stuffs. I give you
Mr Lim Way Soong!
Trust me. Every girl that is studying Engineering in MMU Melaka loves this guy.
Maybe because of the accent, or the smile or the cheekiness look, or MAYBE because of his back.
I don't know. You choose

So there you go guys. I've paid my tagged. In an awesome way indeed. Usually, people will tag other people in their "tagged receipt" (duhh~ that is why people called it tagged?). But in this case, I don't think that people would want to do anything with this post. I'll figure out a new way to pay my "tagged" in the future. If there are still people who wants to tag me after this that is :)

TTYL Fellas!
Happy Tagging!


aKidos said...

he is a dr now .. replaced dr lim tuck meng as the assitant dean !!!!!!!!!!

Zaza B. said...

Dr or Mr. He is still uberly famous around girls.

namesayamakh said...

~gumuks..mane kamu dapat gamba dr. lim way soong ni..??tau sofi..abesla awak...!!hahah...

Zaza B. said...

Dia posed depan camera kite la.Mana lagi