Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ok. So this post is just like a sneek preview of my mid-trimester break.

First off, my birthday party!
It was a blast!
Saturday night - Centro - Crazy People - Surprise Cake - People screaming ur name - Great music
Even though some of my darling friends were not there
(if not things could have got better)
but yes. It was HOT!
Will update u guys with lotsa pictures from the party ;)

Thanks for all the wishes and presents!
Really you guys...
You all are sooo adorable.
Love ya!
muah muah muahxxx!

Planning to watch Shopaholic this coming Thursday.
Can't wait!
And yes. My darling Syuhada is such a darling
till she gave me this.
virtual birthday gift link
Thanks babe!
Cicak sent me a very cute wish.
I love you too Bitch
I am uberly excited now.


Mr Cheesecake said...

Ok first off, old.
second, Im not going to wish u a happy birthday, belated or not.
I love em cakes..haha

Zaza B. said...

1. not old.Matang...

2. U suck

3.I didn't even grab a bite of my bday cake.I just ate the toppings.LOL