Tuesday, March 31, 2009

22 - Photos

As promised,
photos from my birthday party

p/s: Confession of a Shopaholic the movie is a bit disappointing. To me that is.


Mr. Cheesecake said...

When Ben Lyon of the e! channel commented on the clothes of the movie confessions of a shopaholics as not as sassy or "sex and the city"-like then u know the movie is a disappointment..lucky for me i went and watch talentime instead on the opening day only to wait a week later to watch confessions of a shopaholic

Zaza B. said...

It's not just the clothes.
The whole moment doesn't feel right.

Mr. Cheesecake said...

Ben Lyon is a film critic..now if he critics on what the apparels were it means that the story line was too awful to comment..haha..got it get it good

Zaza B. said...

Since I love the books.
I would love to see that the movie did well

The Devil Wears Prada the movie was much much better.
Thanks to Anne Hathaway that is ;)

izza the PINKERTON said...

happy blated bday!

celebr8 kt mana ni? :)

Zaza B. said...

Thankies ;D

Kat Centro, its near KL Central