Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Strike of Tragedies

  • Andrew Keonig
Best known as Boner in Growing Pains and The Joker in Batman: Dead End, Andrew Keonig was reported missing by his family on Feb 14th after missing a scheduled flight from Vancouver back to the state. On Feb 25th, his body was found in Stanley Park, Vancouver. He hanged himself in the woods due to depression.

  • Marie Osmond's Son, Michael Blosil
Michael Blosil, 18, committed suicide on Feb 26th by leaping off from his LA apartment. He leaves behind a note with details of his suicide plan. He also stated that he is lonely, feeling as if he had no friends and just don't fit in.

  • Ax Men's Daughter, Ashlynn Anderson
Her body was found by her mother outside their lawn in Astoria, Oregon last Sunday. The 4-years-old was mauled to death by the family's Rottweiler.

  • Syafia Humairah Sahari
She might not be a relatives of a celebrity, but her story is tragic enough for us to grieve. 3-years-old Syafia was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend. Suspect claimed that victim involved in a road accident but bruises on the child's body stated otherwise.

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