Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Monster's Sister

Natali Germanotta, 17, had made her cameo on her sis's new video

The video is effing hot!

Beyonce is such a LOL
and Gaga's provocative outfits is such a WOW.

I'm impress!


MatSyuMiya said...

Gaga?Lady Gaga?
Teringat seseorang berkaitan rumet awak.

Zaza B. said...

Heh? Roomate kte Gaga?

Gle best kalau betul. Haha

MatSyuMiya said...

hahah rumet awak ape lak.bofren die tu ha.ahaha

Zulhilmi said...

reinventing awkwardness...
scratch that..
more crap than awkward..

word verification: desain
hit right on the spot..but it seems that google used the malay spelling..

Zaza B. said...

@Syu: Tak paham laaaaaaaaaaa

@Zul: Desain? Indo kah?

Zulhilmi said...

ya, mungkin...