Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Object Of Desire

Last Friday at Chinoz KLCC,
there was a Blackberry Storm 9520 launching event.

They were giving away this crazyshititem at only RM888 (50% off!).
Yes people, screammmmmm!!!

But Feb 5th had past...
and that 150 unit has been given away to 150 lucky person.
*rasa tercabar melihat kanak-kanak sekolah rendah pakai BB*

Can I have this as my birthday present so that I can replace my old cranky husband and rest in peace?

I also wish to be able to look stylish with it,
and take photos like this

Celcom would be the best storm-tastic place to get a Blackberry Storm 9520 because they have funtastic deal that comes with the phone. Like SERIOUSLY FUNTASTIC.


Zulhilmi said...

if you want to take a picture like that, then your really lost your mind..haha

wait another year or so, there will probably be a new improved one..and the cycle goes on and on and on and on....

Zaza B. said...

That pic is fun! Ok, jgn jealous.U can be in it too :)

Well, xpe. Anything is good compared to my very old phone yg selalu lagging dan buat perangai cranky tanak kuar ringtone yg I nak.Hahha

Zulhilmi said...

well im no gadgetier (does that sound like a legitimate word to ya?) so i don't know the definition of a "good" gadget but i believe your phone is probably more advance than mine...ha ha ha

sidenote: word verification - suctall
when tallness has it's issues..ha ha ha..

Zaza B. said...

Yeh? Well, I just thot that having a blackberry would be cool. :D
I guess u do use ur phone just to receive/make calls/text ryt? Well, if thats the case than that is enough for u.

Suctall?Do tallness really have an issue? Har har har