Monday, May 2, 2011

Femme Fatale Ball at Zouk KL

Femme Fatale Ball at Zouk was fun!
I had fun dressing up as Britney and I'm sure the others are too.
Last minute shopping spree, I'm so proud of myself that I manage pull off the whole outfit with only 3 hours in hand.
Kudos to me :)

So yes, there were giving out Radiance by Britney perfume, Sony Erricson Yendo and other merchandise, gym membership and CDs by Sony as gifts for those who participate in the mini contest.

The grand prize (best dress) for the event is...
Two tickets to see Britney Live in her upcoming tour.

So here is my last minute outfit
(pictures taken from Hot Magazine online)

Trying to copy these outfit. LOL
But failed to win anything other than a Backstreet Boys CD and Sony Erricson's merchandise.

And guess who won?
Yay! She gets to live the dream!
(pictures taken from Hot Magazine online)

Just want to thank my incredible army of supporters all over the world for embracing Femme Fatale. You are my everything. -Brit

And you are our everything too

P/S: But the DJ for that night sucks. He played Bieber's song. It should be Britney bitch!


Zulhilmi said...

oooh, backstreet boys..hahaha

i think the DJ missed out the bieber concert or something..haha

Zaza B. said...

Jgn caci. The other 2 cds that I got was worst. Some love songs collection and football songs collection. BSB was considered decent. LOL

I was like wtf, Never say never? LOL

Zulhilmi said...

Im guessin thse cds arent even from the same label..haha..

I thought the easiest route for brit lookalike would have been the "oops i did it again" red latex outfit, since well, the whole thing is the same. I mean you could have gotten red plastic bags and punched out a hole or a lot of red condoms (i seem to not have a clue as to what the use of latex is here..haha)

I think you lost out the most important part of the outfit, the knee length laced up buckled ur pic doesnt scream screamed more a "did i left my stove on"..hahaha

Zaza B. said...

Do u know that its hard to find a catsuit out there. I've been to lots of costume shops around KL and Klang Valley. but failed.

And yeah. I didn't have any knee length boots. Figures that if I bought it. Where else will I wore it? Not a smart buy. LOL

Zulhilmi said...

I would have thought you could wear it anywhere that needed a mini..i mean odds are those knee length boots are made for mini's and or anywhere cold (and i don't mean genting highland cold)..hahaha..

Zaza B. said...

And what are the odds that I will go to a cold weather country? LOL

Zulhilmi said...

Well you never know can you...dream big ma..btw i love all the comments youve been getting on your cbox chat thingy..hahaha..spam much.

Zaza B. said...