Monday, January 24, 2011


Went to the LMFAO Concert Party at MOS.

Hating it because...
They said it started at 9.30pm. So ok, we started our journey from Damansara to Sunway at 7.30pm since it's going to be a hell of a traffic going there and we wanted to take our dinner before going in.
After getting a lousy service at Station One, we went in and the DJ was playing some boring 80s tunes which I can't even dance to other then "cucuk-cucuk langit"
The actual show started at effing 1am.
And MOS is as packed as hell.
Saya diraba and meraba.
You get what I mean.
Pushing drunk people (and normal people)out of my way is like a skill to be cherished there.

Loving it because...
I dance till my shoes are ruined!
Met a few polite men who actually take care of me there from all of those tall and huge and perverted men.
Thank you to you guys

But the cherry of the night is...
We decided to go back at 2.30am and became a very proud and helpful Malaysians.
We witnessed an accident and stop to give a hand.

I didn't take any pictures since it's way too crowded to even pose anywhere and when the show ended we almost look like shit so whats the point? Hahaha

Here are some of the videos I get from youtube.
Credit to the person uploading it.

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