Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hit Me! Hit Me!

Tommorow I will be having an interview with TM higher authorities.
I'm going to say that I'm not interested in handling shit such as looking at the computer screen 24/7.
I've already told my previous manager that I want a job that gives me the chance to travel and meet new people.
I really hope that I will get it

Before that, just hit me on the head for not being prepared for tomorrow yet.

p/s: Justin Bieber deserves this for making me confused about his gender. LOL


cik siti afiqah said...

ey zaza,what post awk mintak?
hebat ah u..hihihi
cepat2 gi prepare~!!

Zaza B. said...

haaha. Interview masuk department mana la...
Tapi td asyik kena buli dgn agm. Heh Tak puas hati