Friday, July 16, 2010


1st week of working life is not much fun. Especially when your office is located at some unpopulated place in the face of the universe.
Having lunch at campus because you are too broke to eat at fancy restaurants.
Wake up early in the morning just to catch the 7.12am train.
But then...
At the end of the day, You'll be happy coz you'll get paid!


Zulhilmi said...

Happiness in numbers!

Like that bald naked dude in that Tome Cruise movie said
"show me the money".

Zaza B. said...

Tome or Tom? Lol

Yup2. N I just found out that my salary is increasing. Add more 200into my pocket. More happiness. Lol

Zulhilmi said...

Tome lorh..if got tom then i have to pay freakin royalties...damn you short scientologist..or at least scientology follower guy..but short tetap short!hahaha

Zaza B. said...

Kejam weyh...kejam...Hahaha