Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Longer legs
-other than looking sexy, you can avoid smelling awful BO in crowded places. Think about your nose stuck in someone else's armpit. Ewww.

Longer hair
-save cost for not having to have hair extensions just to look like LiLo ;)

Longer '000...' in our allowances
-this does not need further explanation.

Longer attention span
-to have good grades, you don't need to talk to imaginary Britney during class. LOL

Longer phone?
Longer free vibrator! HAHAHAHAHA
Longer screen means longer text that can be written in 1 page
Makes my life much easier :)


DaHLia said...

good luck ya

Zaza B. said...

Thanks ;)

nono fara said...

Hello to you.. :)

Gdluck babe.. I am thinking to join too.. :)) Still thinking on what to write hehehe :))

Zaza B. said...

Hi Nono Fara!

Good luck to u too on finding great ideas :D