Monday, November 2, 2009

Sick is Suck

Happy Belated Halloween!

So yes, I got sick during this colorful event.
Muharram gave me two free tickets to the All American Rejects live in KL but have to pass it up since I'm sneezing and sweating every 5 minutes.
Geli kan? haha
My lost.

Instead, I watched The Time Traveler's Wife and American Pie with orang tersayang.



MatSyuMiya said...

ayat last. *faints*
and i still am not able to stalk.darn!

Anonymous said...

nk faint jg la....eiiiiuuu....zaza dh jiwang karat dowh skang....oooopppssss..!!!!

Zaza B. said...

Makh jealous