Saturday, July 11, 2009

In A Hurry Kinda Update

Internship is like hot and cold. Sometimes I kinda like it. And sometimes I kinda got bored of it.
Ya right! Being placed at the IT department. All I can do is basically watch and learn and criticize. LOL

FYI, I'm the only female in that department. So yes, they sometimes misspelled my name as Farina or Hafizah or whoever. But as long it is binti or female kinda name. That's me y'all! Haha!

I'm going to Topshop in a while. I'll try and snap some pics of my treasure hunting. I just saw a B.E.A.Utiful tube-short jumpsuit from Kate Moss's collection. Effing HOT! *tapi harga pun hot.sigh~*

Oh!Oh!Oh! Did you guys know that Penelope and Monica Cruz are no longer the faces for MNG? It is now ScarJo! Boobies for all! ;D
and Lacroix is having a financial problem and that all of his designer is working for free in order to participate Paris Fashion Week.
I know right, weird....its like saying Vicky B has no Hermes kinda weird.

Ok. That's a quick update for all of you. Don't miss me.

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