Saturday, April 18, 2009


I slept at 6 or 8am for the last 2 days.
And woke up at 9am.

Yes people,

as in
1 or 2 hours of sleep?

In case you were wondering,
Im the type of girl who sleep for 8 hours every night.
Maybe more but not less.
*Hahaha~!!! Padan muka kat diri sendiri*

I look pale and dead.
Blusher don't help that much,
and I don't trust in foundation (yet!).
The fact that I love wearing black assembles is not helping too.
So here I am, searching for rainbow-outfits to match my this-week-zombie-face!

Tapi melampau la kan nak pakai macam ni pergi kelas
These gorgeous outfits are cute,
but not practical enough.
Except for the last outfit but I hate the skirt.

So I have compiled together a few colorful items that would match with my black skinnies and plain tank top!


(p/s: That my friend, is the Elizabeth & James pants which I don't own one)
Zaza Loves Colors

Clockwise: Fendi strappy heels, Stella McCartney cashmere blend gem cardigan, Aldo beanies, Aeropostale pink scarf, cute yellow bow, Nancy Gonzalez crocs skin tote.

Britney might be heading down to Australia and Asia for her tour!!!


Lyana said...

I like the colors u choose for ur outfit.
Rainbow-ish giler. LOL!

BTW, ur 'present' was sent back to my Subang address. Nnt I re-send it back to u ya.

Zaza B. said...

Kan? My favourite pick is the blue beanie hat and the purple Fendis.Excited plk nk pakai beanie.Lol

Ala...Ian said that a hot guy in fireman uniform nk hantarkan?hahahaha~!

Lyana said...

Haha... I can imagine u wearing all those outfit. For the Aeropostale pink scarf, I know where to get the exact same scarf at RM10. huhuh...

Suppose to have reach u last few weeks but then my sis call and told me they send back that parcel. Probably that hunky guy was on vacation kot. LOL!

Anonymous said...

babe, ur sucha hot skinny b***h la.

Zaza B. said...

Exactly, scarfs kat Malaysia byk yang murah2.

Probably he is getting a tan.Sexeyh!LOL

Thanks a bunch ;)